Top Benefits of Purchasing Wheel and Tire Packages

Tune-up your off-road ride with a new set of wheels and tires. When it’s time to replace worn tires or improve your traction with specialized tires, shop off-road accessories online to find convenient package deals. Explore the reasons why it’s best to purchase them together, rather than separate rims and treads and attempting to mount them by yourself.

Signs You Need New Wheels and Tires

When your tires are balding or you have a major puncture in one, it’s time for new tires. This doesn’t mean you need an entire package, since your existing wheels are likely still ready for the road. Here are signs that you should invest in not only a new set of rubber but a total package deal:

  • Your rims are bent or cracked
  • You put on a lift kit
  • You wish to alter the diameter of your tires

DIfferent wheel and tire diameters offer enhanced traction, improved fuel economy or a dynamic look. Once you decide it’s time to swap out both wheels and tires, check out the benefits of purchasing them as a package deal.

Convenient Fit

Tires and wheels come in a wide range of dimensions. The diameter, width and even thickness can vary. There are also a few different wheel bolt patterns. All of these options can be confusing to first-time and experienced buyers.

If you don’t match wheels with tires, they will likely not fit together at all. Attempting to force them together could damage these components. Even if you manage to get a different size to fit together, it could be extremely dangerous.

Instead of trying to compare sizes and risk choosing the wrong one, simply order a package deal. Packages help you ensure the right fit between tire and wheel. When you shop for packages online, you can also be sure that these components fit your ride.

Discounted Prices

Compare tire wheel packages with separate components to see how much you can save. Cut back on component costs and shipping costs by ordering a full set of tires already mounted on wheels. You won’t have to invest in mounting tools, which saves you even more.

Professional Mounting and Balancing

Tires need to be properly seated before inflating them. This task can be performed on your own, but it’s very difficult without the right equipment and training. Improper mounting can damage your tires, cause excessive wear or risk losing control of your vehicle.

Once tires are mounted, they must be balanced. This is usually done in a balancing machine at an auto shop. If you want to balance your own tires, you need a road force wheel balancing machine.

If you don’t balance your tires, they may experience uneven tread wear. You may also experience an uneven, uncomfortable ride. Professional mounting is comfortable, convenient and often more affordable than self-mounting and -balancing strategies.

Shop for Wheel and Tire Packages Today

Discover great deals on truck tires and wheels online. From extra-large packages to match your lift kit to OEM replacement dimensions, find the package that keeps your vehicle moving forward.

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