Coolest UTV Trails in Utah

From gorgeous mountaintops to widespread valley, sand dunes to tall trees, the state of Utah offers a wide variety of UTV trails for all types of riders. Grab your 25x11x10 ATV tires, all your off-roading gear, some of the latest and greatest accessories, and head out to these top trails in Utah.

Check Out These Trails in Utah

Utah has some of the best UTV trails in the United States for beginner and expert riders alike. Beginner riders can enjoy the gorgeous horizon during the sunset as they ride through gorgeous sand dunes. Those with a little more experience can also enjoy miles of rugged mountain and canyon terrain.

Those who prefer fewer sand dunes and more gorgeous trees will enjoy trekking the 275-mile loop that makes up the Paiute ATV Trail. A renowned trail, you’ll ride through lush green forests with trees towering over you. Stop after a few miles or be truly adventures and try to tackle the entire trail in one amazing weekend adventure.

Finally, parts of the 4,455-mile Great Western Trail, which spans five states, roll through Utah. Whether you take easier routes or go over some of the roughest terrain you can find, you won’t be able to ignore the beauty of the 18 National Forests and wilderness areas you’ll find. If you haven’t already added this one to your bucket list, now is the time. 

How To Prepare for Your UTV Rides

When preparing for your UTV rides, one of the first things you should do is find UTV tires for sale. You’ll want a set that matches your UTV’s size and will easily make it over the terrain you intend to ride on. In addition to wheels, ensure you have a rolling cage, plenty of lighting, and a high-end shock system. Don’t forget to pack flares, a spare tire, and other equipment you may need to repair your ATV on the go.

Remember to pack plenty of items for yourself as well, starting with a safety helmet. Layers of clothes, camping gear if you’ll be out overnight, and plenty of food and water for everone on the trip is also esesential. You’ll also want to bring a portable generator or spare phone batteries, a first aid kit, and flashlights, medication, or anything else you may need for trips that last longer than a single-day ride. 

Best UTV Accessories in 2021

The best UTV accessories of the year depend on where you hope to ride. Regardless of where you’ll travel though, you can’t beat a pair of Maxxis Carnivore 30x10x14 off-roading tires for an aggressive look that keeps you safe on the trails. 

When you’re off-roading, there’s always a chance that you’ll get stuck in a muddy situtation, so be sure to grab high-end tow straps, too. Look for straps that are at least 20 feet long and rated for at least 20,000 pounds. Other popular UTV accessories this year include clear, shatter-resistant windshields for face protection, surround sound audio systems to keep your tunes playing loud while you’re on the trails, and GPS systems to keep you from going a little too far off the beaten path. 

When purchasing UTV accessories or parts, always do so from a reputable dealer. Contact a local professional to ensure you get the gear that meets your needs and will help you have a safe and successful adventure.  

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