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Car insurance is one of the best insurance policies used for the safety of your vehicle. Many accidents occur on roads every day. If an accident happens, you have to face financial losses. Also, you have to pay huge expenses if you damage somebody else’s car in the accident. It can also lead to bodily injuries to the third party. So car insurance helps to cover expenses for your car damages and third-party liabilities. You have to purchase an annual premium from a car insurance company. Then, your insurer will pay for the damages. In UAE countries, all citizens must have car insurance. If you live in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, then you should know about UAE car insurance


There are multiple benefits of having car insurance. You can save yourself from legal troubles. Car insurance covers third-party liability against bodily injuries, disability, and death. Apart from accidents, it also provides coverage for theft. In UAE, if you do not have car insurance, it can impact your driving license points. Maybe you have to pay a fine for it. If you also want to buy UAE Car Insurance, you are at the right place. Below you can see all the information regarding it:

About UAE Car Insurance

In UAE, you can find the best car insurance policies. The price of car insurance policies depends on factors like the car’s age, driving behavior, car model, insurance types, etc. In UAE, you can find car insurance policies like Third Party Liability Car Insurance and Comprehensive Car Insurance. You can buy these policies through a trusted car insurance company. There are both cheap and premium plans available for you. You can buy a car insurance policy offline or online. It will be best if you purchase the policy online. In this way, you can save time. There are various insurance websites where you can find the best car insurance policy as per your choice. 


You can fulfill all the formalities for purchasing car insurance in the online mode. Your car insurance policy will cover bodily injury liability, property damage liability, and medical payments. Your car insurance will not cover damages that happened due to natural calamities. Your insurer will pay for the damages for your car but not for your personal belongings. 

Ways To Discover UAE’s Best Car Insurance Company 

We will tell you the ways to find the best UAE car insurance. Keep reading to get all the essential information about it:

  • Compare Car Insurance Policies

You can compare the prices and plans of various car insurance companies. In this way, you can understand which company provides the best car insurance policy at an affordable price. You can take the help of insurance aggregator sites to compare car insurance policies. 

  • Claim Process

Before purchasing car insurance from a company, remember to check their claim process. If you like the claim process of a company, then you can go for it. A car insurance company should provide a high claim settlement ratio. 

  • Check Customer Reviews 

You can check the customer reviews of multiple car insurance companies. In this way, you will know how good a company is at providing services. Through customer reviews, you can understand many things about a car insurance company. 

  • Additional Services

You can look for car insurance policies that include additional services as well. You can get add-on services like off-road coverage and roadside assistance. It is essential to choose a car insurance company that provides add ons to the customers. 

Filing A UAE Car Insurance Claim 

Below you can check the procedure to file for a car insurance claim in UAE:

  • Contact With Insurance Provider 

After your car accident, you have to tell the insurance provider everything regarding the accident. It is essential for quick claim settlement for your insurance policy. You have to provide information like name, policy number and duration, and date & time of the accident. You also have to provide proof of the driver’s license & license plate number of all the individuals concerned, along with their names and contact details.

  • Filing A Police Complaint

It is necessary to file a police complaint in the matter of accident and theft. For getting a claim against accident or theft, you have to provide a copy of your complaint to the car insurance company. So file a police complaint quickly after the car accident. 

  • Inspection Process 

Now the car insurance provider will allocate you a surveyor to evaluate your case. The surveyor will examine your vehicle and make a report of the damage and the cost of repair. 

  • Claim Settlement

After checking the surveyor’s report, the procedure for the claim settlement will begin. Now you will get your car insurance claim. The company will pay costs to the network garage in the cashless claim.


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