How You Can File a Lawsuit Against Zantac

Zantac is potentially the most well-known heart burn medication on the market. This over-the-counter drug has been advertised all over TV and the internet for years. Unfortunately, recent findings suggest that those who use Zantac may be at higher risk for the development of certain types of cancer.


If you’ve used Zantac and have been diagnosed with cancer, a Zantac settlement lawyer can help you receive the compensation to which you are due.


Zantac and Cancer


Zantac is composed of various chemicals, one of which is known as NDMA. This chemical compound poses a risk to our internal organs, especially the liver. Additionally, NDMA has been used in lab studies to cause cancer in rats. Researchers are now finding that the chemical is likely causing cancer in humans as well.


Specifically, Zantac has been associated with the following cancers in humans:

  • Cancers of the gastrointestinal system.
  • Cancers of the respiratory system.
  • Blood cancers.
  • Brain cancer.
  • Various other types of cancer.


Zantac Recall


The Food and Drug Administration has both recalled and officially warned the public of the dangers of Zantac. The FDA has stated that NDMA is a “probable human carcinogen” and it should therefore not be used in products that are designed for human consumption. 


Since this warning went out, major pharmacy chains such as CVS have pulled the medication from their shelves and no longer sell Zantac. Generic versions of the medication have been removed from stores as well.


Routine Use of Zantac


If you frequently use Zantac to manage your heartburn symptoms, experts urgently warn that you should immediately stop using the medication and contact your doctor to discuss other options. Your health is always the most important consideration and you should ensure that you get whatever testing and treatment you may need to manage your symptoms as soon as possible.


Zantac Settlement Lawyers


For those that have taken Zantac and believe they developed cancer as a result, a Zantac lawyer can help. Currently, Zantac cases are being treated as “Multi-District Litigation” cases. This differs from a class action lawsuit and requires a specific approach to ensure that you are fairly compensated for any injury or illness you may have suffered from the use of Zantac.


The case against Zantac states that the company:


  1. Didn’t provide sufficient warning to the public about the known risks of the drug.
  2. Created a drug that was bound to cause these symptoms eventually. In essence, the drug was “inherently flawed” from the start.


People who trusted in the medication and have since developed cancer deserve compensation. Zantac settlement lawyers are experts in this field and have assisted victims with these types of cases for many years. Drug companies can and should be held accountable when they needlessly put patients at risk, and these dedicated attorneys will ensure that justice is served. 


If you’ve developed cancer as a result of taking Zantac or a generic version of the medication, call a lawyer today!

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