Ford Escape Transmission Replacement Cost

Ford Escape Transmission Replacement Cost

Cruise safely in your Ford Escape by maintaining your transmission. After an engine, a transmission is one of the most costly repair investments of your vehicle. See how much a 2008 Ford Escape transmission costs and some common signs that yours is failing.

How Does a Transmission Work?

All the horsepower of your engine doesn’t do any good if it isn’t connected to your wheels. A transmission is the vital component that transmits power from an engine to the wheels.

Manual and automatic 2013 Ford Escape transmission systems work in slightly different ways. While a manual transmission uses a pressure plate, clutch and flywheel, an automatic one relies on a torque converter. Both are critical to the operation of your Escape, so don’t ignore any signs that you may need to maintain or replace this component.

Signs of Failing Transmission

Whether it’s a slight smell or a complete powertrain failure, there are many different signs that point to a failing transmission. Check out these signs for a 2014 Ford Escape transmission or other year of component to see if it’s time for a replacement process:

  • Burning smells
  • Difficulties changing gears
  • Noises in neutral
  • Dragging clutch
  • Check engine light
  • Grinding, shaking or humming
  • Leaking transmission fluid

Burning is a sign that your transmission is overheating. Even a short period of driving with an overheated transmission can cause serious damage. This can happen if your fluid is low or contaminated, but it can also occur if there are more serious issues in the system.

Troubles with the gear changing process is another major red flag. Slipping, grinding or unchanging gears typically mean they’re damaged in some way.

A check engine light doesn’t always point to your transmission. Use an error code reader to determine the source of the error code. If the sensor is located on or near the transmission, it could be a sign of internal transmission issues.

Shaking and grinding are an early sign of gear issues. Don’t wait until this turns into failure to change gears or burning odors.

Average Cost To Replace Your Ford Escape Transmission

Some of the most affordable transmissions cost around $2,000. On the high end, you can pay about $5,000 for a transmission. You may need to invest more in a transmission replacement service if there are other damaged drivetrain components.

Replacing your own transmission is an in-depth process, but can save you thousands of dollars. These average costs don’t include labor, so you’ll have to pay more than this to have your local mechanic perform the task. If you’re willing to learn more about DIY repairs, this may be a process you can handle in your garage.

Review Transmissions Online

Check out highly rated transmission options for your Ford Escape today. Compare costs, warranty lengths, customer ratings and specifications of leading transmission options designed for your year of Ford Escape for peace of mind as you order. Online shopping delivers a dependable transmission right to your garage to speed up the replacement process.

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