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7 Tips for Creating a Conquering App for Small Business

Today, the market for mobile applications is booming as our society increasingly relies on smartphones and digital technologies.

According to Statista, 258 billion apps will most likely be downloaded by 2022.

There’s a high demand for apps, which makes the mobile market extremely competitive.

To create an app, you need to have an original project, expertise, time, and good reasons. We’ve found at least five reasons that can motivate you to create a mobile application:

  1. Improve the visibility and reputation of the brand.
  2. Offer specific features to your customers.
  3. Generate interactions tailored to your needs.
  4. Benefit from the ubiquity of mobile technologies.
  5. Improve the speed and quality of interactions for your users.


Often, people make the mistake of going straight to the final step, instead of analyzing their ideas and understanding the different steps involved in building a successful application.

Tips for Creating a Conquering App for Small Business

There’s no doubt that it’s increasingly essential for small companies to have an intuitive and valuable mobile presence because smartphones and tablets surpass PCs in the market and aim to become the most common method of accessing the internet.

Developing a mobile app can be intimidating for these small business owners because the number of technicalities and the level of knowledge required to create it can scare them. 

Here are seven tips for creating a conquering app for small business:

  • Tempt customers

Offer discounts, coupons, a gift, or run raffles or contests. Incentivize the download and use of the application by providing complementary value. Encourage users to become addicted to your app, spread it, and share it.

  • Free

Companies that are not specialized in apps should not see them as a business in themselves. Making the app free of cost will help expand the number of potential users rather than generate resources – building brand recognition with the possibility of increasing sales.

  • Make it known

Like all development on the web, the application must be promoted. Effective advertising strategies need to be implemented to capture the attention of users. An app for small business can be fun, practical, and novel, but it’ll never reach the user’s hands if not advertised. Bet on email marketing and social networking to promote your new app less expensively and more effectively.

  • Social Links

Social networks are already an essential part of the daily life of Internet users. For this reason, the apps should always include links to virtual networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, and Pinterest. They will help you expand and spread your application among the circles of acquaintances and contacts of those who use it.

  • Not just marketing

Although marketing seems to be the most apparent objective when developing an application, other functions such as customer relationship management (CRM) and customer services can be of great use. A good application should serve day-to-day, consider and reinforce the company’s general strategies, and support some central areas.

Also, applications can allow internet purchases, interaction with social networks, and increase customer loyalty.

  • Know the message you want to give

Before developing your app for small business, make sure you know what you want to offer, what image you want to present to your audience. You must deliver an experience to the customers to achieve a genuine commitment to the brand. People today are willing to spend on applications; take advantage of it!

You must define what you want to obtain with your app: many downloads or active users, people’s responses to the offers you make, or the virtualization of your content. Before launching your app, determine how you are going to measure the results.

  • Choose your devices wisely

To create an app for a small business, you must bear in mind that all mobile devices work differently and that each one requires individual programming. It would be best to forget about small brands because Android and iPhone are increasingly dominating the smartphone market.

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