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4 Key Ways to Diversify Your Ecommerce Store

Suppose we tell you that there is an easy way to increase your sales, strengthen your customer base and give your company brand a boost?

All this is possible by creating a mobile application for your online store. Today, mobile e-commerce applications are taking over the market, gaining many users and accumulating considerable benefits. 


And for a good reason

The number of users who prefer to buy on mobile devices is constantly growing, further reinforcing the need to develop mobile e-commerce. According to recent studies, the number of smartphone users worldwide will reach more than 2.87 billion in 2021.

As a result of the increasing use of smartphones and active e-commerce activities, the mobile phone retail market’s projected value in 2021 is estimated at more than $ 171 billion worldwide, demonstrating that many online buyers appreciate the benefits of mobile apps.

A tipping point is approaching considering the favorable developments in mobile e-commerce. Mobile devices are likely to soon overtake desktop PCs as the leading devices for online retail.

In the first half of 2016, the relationship between desktop and mobile computers for e-commerce began to change, with Japan and the United Kingdom being the first turning points. Seeing as many countries are moving in the same direction, the importance of mobile apps for online retailers is evident.


4 Key Ways to Diversify Your Ecommerce Store

  • Personalization and Push Notifications

Use the information that your customers provide in the application to your benefit. You can allow your users to personalize their experience in your app store, for example, through prioritized features and related suggestions based on the previous buying.

Use push notifications to communicate with your clients. Notify them about sales and specials or let them know when the items they want are back in stock. Make notifications friendlier by addressing your users by name.

  • Exclusive Content and Reward System

Implement offers that are only available through your mobile application, for example, limited offers or special prices for application users. Special offers motivate your regular customers to download your app and increase conversion rates.

You can encourage your users to keep coming back by implementing a loyalty program. It can be in the form of points that can help them receive a free item or considerable discount, the first access to a new collection, or bonuses on future purchases.

  • Advanced Support

Good customer service goes a long way. Establish strong communication 24/7 between your store and your customers. Customers should solve their in-app problems via live chat or chatbot rather than switch to the desktop version.

  • Reduced Response Time

One of the main concerns of any Internet user is how fast a website or application works. A mobile application takes much less time to complete an action than a website because applications partially store their data on a mobile device.

Although applications connect to servers as websites do, they still transmit ten times fewer data between servers and mobile applications than between servers and browsers. Consequently, the applications retrieve the data much faster.

Additionally, users can set their default preferences in applications, allowing an application to load only the customer’s content. It allows users to be more proactive and save time.


Final Words

The way you present your online store to your customers can make or break your sales. When accessing a site, users expect simple navigation to find their desired product. Mobile apps are relatively restrictive in terms of design, which can be helpful. They do not allow irrelevant buttons and banners in your store layout, which leads to a more satisfying user experience. 

The lack of distractions will help your customers get to the checkout faster and come back more often, as they will remember how easy it is to shop in your e-commerce app.

Any small or medium-sized company with e-commerce that wants to generate more sales and have captive customers needs to integrate its online store into the mobile application market.

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