Ayesha Curry shares pictures of her daughter Ryan

Ayesha Curry has recently shared a hilarious pic of her mini-me daughter, Ryan who is just 5 years old. The most interesting part of the image is that she has been hanging upside down from door handles in their house and that was shot. The Cookbook queen Ayesha Curry revealed that her five-year-old daughter Ryan has a very unique skill. Ayesha has been a mom-of-three now, and she had recently taken it to the Instagram on January 15 wherein she has shared a pic of her mini-me hanging upside down, while gripping onto a door handle. Ayesha captioned the image quoting, “she definitely got in trouble after this but the millennial mom in me had to take a picture first because it looks like how 2021 is feeling so far.” She further wrote in her caption, adding, “Our Ryan Carson is always a mood. (Zoom in on that face).”


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Little Ryan had a very focused look on her face. She hung upside down in a pair of denim jeans and a pink sweater. The followers of Ayesha on the social media were too quick to note that the stunt was quite impressive. One of her fans commented, “Why did she have to get in trouble though? She’s perfection,” There’s another fan of hers who wrote, “Oh come on now… that is impressive! She’s hanging upside down from DOOR handles.”

The cookbook author, married to NBA star Steph Curry, also took to Instagram recently after he scored a career-high of 62 points in one game and she wrote, “So proud!!!!” she wrote. “62?! Year 12?! Goodness. Best part is he’ll be excited about it sure, BUT it’s more about the team wins for him. That’s what makes him so special. Love you @stephencurry30.” 

There is no denial to the fact that Ayesha is a super cool mom, and she was seen twerking while she was caught serving a delicious risotto on 16th December. She shared the image of herself on her Instagram profile wherein she had been wearing a pair of figure-hugging black leather pants which featured fluffy tassels at the bottom. “You can take the girl out of Markham but you can’t take the Markham out of the girl LOL.” she wrote in her caption, referencing her Canadian hometown in the Greater Toronto Area.

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