Drifters season 2: Complete details you need to know

Drifters season 2 : A Japanese anime, ‘Drifters’ is part of a fantasy genre. The writer is Kouta Hirano while the author also serves as an illustrator to the anime. The manga started its journey through a local magazine. There has been an anime adaption which aired for few months between October 7, 2016 and December 23, 2016. Although, there has been announcement of the second season way back in 2016, yet there hasn’t been any other information relating with the same. However, let’s get back to the complete information which we have currently:-

Is ‘Drifters’ set for a renewal for second season?

The first season was aired in 2016 and after the conclusion of the first season, there has been an announcement regarding the renewal of the second season. Even then, so many years have passed, yet no concrete information is available as of now. There hasn’t been any development regarding the same till date. However, what is significantly important for me to show the exact message which read, “To be continued Second season, See you again. Tokyo 20XX, Sayonara.”

This could really mean a year or slightly more than that. However, a big chunk of time has passed till date as the fans have to wait for a pretty long time to see their favorite characters back on the screen and performing the action packed sequence of events.

When is the release date for the second season?

There hasn’t been any release date for the show. What’s surprising is that the show has been set for a renewal for the second season way back in 2016, yet there hasn’t been any news or development in that front. What may be the reason for delay is the lack of content. Overall, there has been six volumes (especially at the time of writing) While four volumes have been covered which leaves to rest only two more. Hence, this doesn’t create enough content towards starting for a whole new season. 

Despite the renewal of the show, it is expected that people need to wait for new volumes right before beginning the production of season 2. However, what we do know is that manga’s author is engrossed towards working things out, and the biggest proof is the release of new chapters in January, 2020. 

Is there availability of English dubbed episodes of the Drifters?

Fans can watch English dubbed episodes of the show on Funimation

Mention the plot of the show?

The plot centers on Shimazu Toyohisa who is transported forward in time, in terms of the fact that he is associated with middle ages, but is currently in the modern-day parallel world. After waking up, he finds himself in a corridor where there are hundreds of doors on either side. He realizes that the world is full of beasts and people. While in the process, Shimzau is also associated with various warriors who join him. Different warriors while being in the modern world gets to know one thing that this modern day world is occupied with various tyrants and therefore, they are determined to get rid of them so that the people can be freed from their clutches.

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