‘The Devil is a part timer’ Season 2 : Everything you need to know

‘The Devil is a part-timer’ is based on a light novel series by Satoshi Wagahara. 

The novel was published right on February 10, 2011, that is the first time and very soon what followed was a manga series of the same name which then published on December 27, 2011. 

After passing of few years , light novel series  became of a part of an anime show by White Fox. The delight and awesomeness of the fans could be worth seen as they got the opportunity for noticing anime on-screen in April 2013. It is expected by fans as they are looking for answers regarding the second season. Hence, let’s know in detail about the second season whether it is going to happen anytime soon or not

Will  There Be Season 2 Of ‘The Devil Is A Part-Timer’?

Satoshi Wagahara who has done whole sort of struggle and has been highly zealous and motivated in his approach in creating light novel series has been readily looking to create efforts for starting the next season. However, there are certain things which primarily mater. He is of the view that even if the studio is responsibly creating the anime adaptation and is on the verge of release, yet it isn’t going to be possible from his end. 

He is also the view that “Anime is a business” and gave a hint that people who are responsible towards adaption believe that they can make better profits in terms of high income with respect to expenses. Hence, the commercial aspect is greatly adhered to say the least. Here, the studio White Fox is the sole responsible figure who wants to invest towards renewing the show as they are engrossed in other projects. Hence, if that would be the case, then they aren’t going to invest towards the series which came long back

Are there any possibilities of a renewal for “The devil is a part-timer’s?

The possibilities are high as the original light novel has 26 volumes. The first season consisted of thirteen episodes and regarding source material, which is going to be sufficient and enough to long last for creating various television seasons. 

Right when the first season hit the air, there was a rage of sorts, as it soon took to big success amongst the viewers. Although, the author is keen to continue the franchisee and in all probability is going to release more of light novel series. One thing which may come out is that White Fox Studio may not be too interested for it to give a renewal. Still, it can’t be surprising to see and note if another studio picks the light novel for adaption and give a surprising feel to the fans. 

Will any other studio pick “The Devil is a part-timer’s’ for Adaption?

We don’t know about any specific studio which is going to pick it up for renewal . However, with the exception of a solid player who can try taking up for  adaption and is none other than Netflix. Yes, it can be expected from a streaming giant who may play a futuristic role towards giving anime series another chance mainly due to investing of billions in the industry. 

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