‘Trinity Seven’ season 2 : Everything you should know about it

Animes can be exciting, happening and full of visuals, music and genres. It such characteristics which create a hidden hunger amongst fans to go for watching the animes. 

One such anime which has been greatly appreciated is ‘Trinity Seven’. It is a Japanese manga series where Kenji Saito was the writer and work of art was conducted by Akanari Nao. 

While in 2014, the same writer adapted it into a light novel and very soon, it has been turned for adaption into anime where there were 12 episodes by Seven Arcs Pictures that saw its premier on October, 8, 2014 to December, 24, 2014. 

It was four years before that we saw mange series to be published that is on December, 9, 2010. Although, season 1 had its release along with original animation,  fans are die-hardly waiting for second installment of “Trinity Seven”. 

You should know all the details about the renewal:-

 The first season’s  premier was done on October 8, 2014 while the two show centric movies were released on February 25, 2017 and March 29, 2019 respectively. 

Likewise, the expectations of fans were generated and they were expecting a lot more in terms of second season. Quite sooner, during early 2019, the thing which was doing the round was that second season was expected to be premiered on April 11, 2019. However, that didn’t happen as the release date has long time passed. While there hasn’t been any premier of second season. Although, no one knows the exact cause or reason behind the same, but now it is expected to release in early 2021. 

What causes the delay?

There can be so many causes which relate to the delay of the second installment. One could be possibly be the insufficient source material which is not capable to provide the second season. As creating 24 + episodes is a herculean task. Another cause could be the recent release of the movies which according to the producer might overshadow them and take away the limelight. Hence, that won’t be a good criteria. 

How do you define Trinity Seven?

The show centers around a school boy namely Arata Kasuga. He is quite taken aback when he realizes and came to know that the world he is living is actually an illusion and is quite adversely affected by the breakdown phenomenon. Right, when the real world was facing destruction, his cousin and friends went to another dimension of the world.

This is where Arata wanted to do something to save his real and old world, by bringing back his sister in the process as well. It is actually as interesting as one can find and hope for. In his quest to do his bit, Arata has got himself trained which indeed turned him into a discipline magicians. He has become an expert in the field which in turn will stop various destruction in the world and bring back the ones he actually loves.

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