‘Domestic Girlfriend’ Season 2: Everything you should know

Fans are highly eager to know and understand whether “Domestic Girlfriend’ will happen or not. The first season was greatly loved and appreciated by fans and they are eager to know and understand the truest way of where the relationship is heading at the end. 

Due to the same, the series was quite renowned, so much so that it turned out to be in the top 20 most popular animes on Crunchyroll at the time of 2019 season. Thus, it gave sufficient space and time for directors and producers for renewal. Kei Sasuga has created the domestic na Kanojo 

Where is the Manga and Series heading?

As per the rule, manga is way ahead of the anime series where five volumes are issued on annual basis. It was in 2019, that four volumes were released. The series have twelve episodes and it very much relates to the fact that there is no dearth of content as well as source material for the show. 

Viewers loved Season. Even though, it wasn’t something which was an overwhelmingly loved or appreciated. However, based on the love, it does create convincing reasons for the renewal for the production team.  Additionally, the series has very much gathered praises on Crunchyroll, where it got quite a star as it was based on 4.4 out of 5. Hence, based on the star rating, it goes on to show that there is a positive response which augers well for the second installment. 

When can we expect ‘Domestic Girlfriend to find its release date?

Although, there hasn’t been any official confirmation about the release date, still rumors are doing the rounds, that the second season may well happen in 2021. Hence, we can be assured about the anime series to be hitting in 2021. The release date seems to be more convincing and realistic

What is the plot relating with the series?

The story relates to Natsuo Fujii. He is a high school student who has the feelings for his teacher. His love seemed to be one sided. There was no stopping for him, as he got in touch with a different girl namely Rui as the latter seduced him for having sex. Since, both of them didn’t know much about each other, there was no emotional feelings or anything serious. However, Natuso was forced to be under the impression that he actually betrayed his love. This turned him towards depression and he was very much frustrated. However, what made matters worse was the fact when Natsuo got to know, that Rui was no one else than actually the younger sister of Hina. The girls’ duo were the daughters of the woman whom his father has loved. As Tokiko was the woman whom his father was to ask her hand for marriage.

The airing of the first season was done on January 12, 2019 on MBS. The adaption of the series was done by Diomedea studio while Sentai Filmworks has given the license of the anime in North America

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