Complete details about ‘Classroom of the Elite’ Season 2

Do you know how ‘unconventional’ anime can actually prove to give you those lovely moments which you dearly wish and long for? Anime love to see things differently, that surely give us moments of wonder as we get awestruck. Likewise, as we hear the word “School” the associated things which pop in our mind are friends, blackboard, teachers, notebooks, pencils etc. Since, all through these years, we know that the school is seat of learning which help us to get educated by preparing for future. 

However, ‘Classroom of the Elite” has transported itself to different expectations where students besides being tested on theory and written exams also have to attain another level of test. Yes, it primarily focuses on a light novel that has been adapted into Youkoso Jitsuryoku manga series in January, 2016. Syohgo is the writer while Yuyu Ichino takes care of the illustration part and the manga is till volume 9. 

The first season of the show which has taken inspiration from the stories of first three manga books turned out to create a big impression in the minds of audience. This has necessitated 13 volumes to be adapted for an anime series. Hence, this primarily means that more episodes as well as material and content are available. The show is based on a Japanese light novel of same name that has 16 volumes. Fans have fingers crossed as they genuinely want the answer whether there will be second season of the fantastic show. Let’s know everything in detail about it:-

Is there going to be ‘Classroom of Elite ‘Season 2?

Firstly, it is important to know the possibilities of the second season rather than contemplating on the dates. 

One of the indicators which show the way is the availability of enough content and material in the manga which can easily cover the second season. There are 13 more volumes of the light novel which are yet to be covered as only three volumes are used of the light novel series. Thanks to the amount of content and material which is in existence, it can be said with great maturity, that two or three whole new seasons with 12 episodes each can be covered. Although, the official date is yet to be released for the second season, it is expected that it is going to be somewhere in 2021 

What is ‘Classroom of the Elite’ All About?

The renowned series centers on the plight and tough life of students who besides putting a brave front to the academic curriculum also has to face obstacles arising beyond the four walls. The show is slightly different from others as usually, the main essence lies where the famous proverb which says “With great power comes great responsibility”, the show relates to the unique strength of teenagers as their struggles are different. 

The show highlights the social problems which teenagers are facing as of now; popular one amongst them is the depression, anxiety along with feeling rejected etc. All the characters of the show have primarily essayed the role with perfection as each one of them plays some dark quality or agenda. It indeed proves to be highlight of the show too. 


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