Renewal and Release Date: Knight’s and Magic Season 2

For some anime, success doesn’t take much time. Quite like Knight’s and Magic which being a young anime has reached heights of popularity in a quick succession that is in a very short period of time. The most obvious aspect is the fact that Anime is still in operational and the studio is making use of ideas and good mangas to adapt the same. However, the story relates to how 2 years have passed since the last season stopped. So, big query relates to the fact Are we going to see second season? Let’s know further:-

Will Knight’s and Magic be going for second season?

Eight Bit studio was the sole reason for creating a marvelous adaption of Japanese light novel series into an anime and did a decent job. However, the second season is yet to be announced. Even though there is high chance that it is going to be up for renewal. The first season saw a great rating on MyAnimeList and this also becomes quite a good reason to opt for the second season. The proof of how DVD sales have skyrocketed also creates such an awesome way of its popularity where they have registered 3000 sales per week in December, 2017

Even though, everything seems to be going perfectly fine, yet the major concern for 8Bit towards not moving with a new season is that they lack enough source material. For creating another season, they need to craft a story or wait for more source material which may take few more years for new content. 

What is the expected date for Knight’s and Magic Season 2?

Currently, there can’t be any confirmation about the release date as there isn’t a renewal yet. There can be guesses only as by 2021, it is expected that more source material can be provided.  

What is Knight’s and Magic About?

The story begin with the tragic car accidental death of Tsubasa Kurata who got into a whole new different world after that. Fremmevilla Kingdom is the place of the fantasy world where robot namely Silhouette Knights battles it out with demons. Tsubasa owing to transporting to different world is renamed Ernesti Echevarria and has a noble family which consists of powers of magic.

The story unfolds in the form of how he takes the help of twins namely Adeltrud and Archid Olter who assists him in the way of accomplishing his desire of forming his Silhouette Knight for protecting the kingdom.

The interesting part of the story is how his aspirations and motivation lead him to do the things which seemed to be quite tough and challenging and that in itself is a source of motivation for many who are quite taken aback or get demoralized after a failure

The story in itself is a morale booster and creates a high level of energy which at once help you to remain glued to the same as well. So, till the second season is announced, let’s have fingers crossed. 

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