Everything in detail you should know about ‘Noragami; Season 3

The craze of Anime is getting bigger and better and the living proof of the same is ‘Noragami’ which has literally created a rage of sorts amongst the anime fans. ‘Noragami’ is an anime based on Japanese manga. It is known as Stray God.

The last two seasons have been appreciated well by fans and they are eagerly waiting for the third season with bated breath. There were 12 episodes in the first season which aired on January 5th, 2014 while the second season was in the air from October 2, 2015 to December 25, 2015 with total of 13 episodes. Now, let’s know about the details regarding the third season:-

 When will ‘Noragami’ Season 3 Air?

Currently, there hasn’t been an official confirmation about the third season. It was in 2015, that the season 2 was released and there has been a long time, since that has happened. Everyone is waiting for the third installment in order to know what’s going to be happening next in the series. There wasn’t much in terms of ending of season 2, which has lead to guesses that the third season may have a new storyline possibly great adventure. Additionally, Noragami Vol 21 had its release on October 17th, 2019 and VOL. 22 as of June 17th, 2020, fans are quite optimistic that they are going to hear about season 3 soon. 

Paucity or shortage of content can be considered as the reason for not able to create season 3 as of now. However, that problem has ended, mainly with 22 volumes which are now out. The content is sufficient which can long last for 2-3 more seasons.  Whether, the prevailing Covid 19 situation has or hasn’t affected the progress of the show, remains to be seen. 

Mention the plot of ‘Marogami’ of Season 3 ?

In  order to know the story about the third season, you need to know first about what has happened in the second season that is the previous season. Hiyori Iki , a school girl who in the pursuit of saving a stranger meets an accident. Following the accident, she has lost the soul from the body and becomes Ayakashi which basically means that she is knowledgeable about two parallel worlds. This ability has made her quite unique where she is prompted to travel both sides of the world on frequent basis. Both the world mainly ‘far shore’, such as after life where human souls and demons meet each other and the human world ‘near shore’, where humans meet animals and other creatures etc. 

During the process of travelling from one part of world to another, Hiyori Iki is befriended with Yaho, who is a nameless God. He doesn’t have his holy place, so he accepts five yen as part of mortal’s wishes and the money he collected is used for building temple so that humans can pray. 

Hiyori has requested him to create a fixture of the soul since she doesn’t want the soul to leave time again. She wants to lead a life of normal being. 

You can get to know more about the story

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