Rachel Tower of God- Get Intriguing Answers to All of Your Questions

NewsIland.com staff : You have probably watched Rachel Tower of God, and since then, loads of questions have been circling your mind. Tower of God is a popular anime series centered around Bam and an enigmatic tower. Bam has a mysterious past life and possesses some supernatural power that is fated to have some sort of link with the tower. Rachel was Bam’s sole buddy before the latter made entry to the tower. But why is Rachel treated as a negative character? Why do fans hate Rachel? Read along to know more about Rachel’s disposition and other things that you couldn’t figure out in the show. 

How Does Rachel Die In Tower of God? 

Rachel was Bam’s best and the only friend out of the tower. She is very ambitious, and her highest priority was to “see the stars” by reaching the tower’s top floor. Her resourcefulness in climbing the tower, which is an arduous task, shows how determined she is in turning her dream into reality. But, this is not any simplistic love story between Rachel and Bam. On the contrary, Rachel turned out to be a major rival to Bam. 

In the Tower of God, Rachel doesn’t die. Although she was close enough to get killed, she survived. In fact, she tells her friend Bam that she won’t die so quickly. Since she knows about Bam’s enigmatic past, Rachel wants him to show her the path to the tower. 

Is Rachel Bad In Tower Of God? 

Well, the answer, in this case, is quite variable. You may think that Rachel is manipulative, selfish, and the very representative of those people who take advantage of our helpful nature to escalate in a superior position and then never look back to us who actually helped them gain that position. 

However, there is somewhere innate goodness in Rachel. In many instances, she did stand up for some other person and helped the other companions of Bam. Besides, her resourcefulness is something that cannot be wholly overlooked. 

Rachel is a multi-layered character. To understand if she is really bad, a lot more had to be depicted in the show. The reasons behind Rachel’s actions are something that has not been explored in the show. 

Why is Rachel Hated In Tower of God? 

The audience profoundly scorns Rachel to a great extent. Her disposing of Bam appears as a significant shock to the audience. To fulfill her goal and climb the tower easily, she lies to Khun and her other companions that she is an invalid and her legs have been paralyzed for six years or so. 

Rachel’s evil nature of betrayal, backstabbing, illogical deeds, and utter selfishness makes her the most hated character in Tower of God. 

Why Did Rachel Push Bam? 

Rachel is so ambitious to reach the topmost floor of the tower to view the stars that she did not waver to use and betray Bam. The show depicted Rachel pushing Bam out of the bubble because she had entered into an agreement with Headon on the first floor of the tower. 

Rachel’s jealousy and her insecurity at the fact that Bam would emerge successfully made her take such a drastic and wicked step. 

Final Say

It is expected that season 2 of Rachel Tower of God will showcase a bit more on this treacherous act of Rachel. The anime series’s record-smashing popularity catered to the viewers’ tastes with its suspense, plot twists, and back-to-back thrilling events. So, have your queries been cleared now? 

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