Elaine Seven Deadly Sins- Things You Need To Know About Your Favourite Anime Show

Elaine Seven Deadly Sins is an anime show based on the Japanese manga series written by Nakaba Suzuki. The show recounts the tales of seven deadly sins by means of representation through a class of knights. This series comes with 4 seasons, with the latest episodes being premiered in January 2021. Elaine is a fairy warrior replete with powers. Probably, you were wondering about some questions that you were having regarding your favorite character. Read along to know more about the crucial character of the show, Elaine. 

Is Elaine Immortal Now? 

Elaine was a powerful fairy who possessed magical skills of transformation and belonged to a royal class. She was also the protector of the Fountain of Youth, of the Holy Maiden. She is the younger sibling of Harlequin, who was the King of the Fairies. 

Elaine underwent multiple deaths but was brought to life several times. She was initially killed by the attack of a demon immediately after she had let Ban gain access to the fountain. Later, she was revived by Melascula. However, she encountered death while combating the Demon Clan in the new Holy War. She was lastly saved by Ban, who gave up his immortality to let Elaine survive.

How Is Elaine Still Alive? 

Elaine is still alive but does not possess sound health. She dwells in the Boar Hat. Owing to the magical charms cast by Elizabeth, Elaine is still surviving. 

Elaine has this tendency to self-impose things and be hard on herself. Though Ban and her father, the King, had insisted to stop forcing things on herself, Elaine sticks to her point that she cannot always be saved by Ban, for she wants to take up the responsibility of providing Ban with security and protection. 

Is Ban In Love With Elaine? 

Ban is head over heels in love with Elaine in the series of The Seven Deadly Sins. Both of them met each other when Ban had gone to steal the fountain waters. However, after Elaine made Ban understand the significance of the fountain waters in keeping the surrounding forest alive, a deep understanding grew between the two. Soon, the two became intimate friends. Gradually, the friendship blossomed into unconditional love between the two. 

Do Ban And Elaine Have A Baby? 

Ban and Elaine have a son named Lancelot. He has a beautiful face as he had inherited his facial features from his mother, Elaine. He became the prince of the Benwick Kingdom. He possesses remarkable fighting skills and has mastered the ability to respond quickly owing to his fast reflexes. 


The fantasy series of Elaine Seven Deadly Sins has won over the hearts of the global audience. The robust storyline of the Seven Deadly Sins has made the Japanese Manga series bag the award of Kodansha Manga in 2015. The show is fantastic. With all your questions answered, are you contemplating re-watching it?

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