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Darling in the Franxx Hoodie Season 2- Get All Of Your Answers Here!

NewsIland.com Staff : Having watched the mind-blowing episodes of the first season, you are probably waiting for Darling in the Franxx Hoodie Season 2. So, when is the second season going to premiere? Wait up, and we’ll reveal it to you shortly. This anime show belonged to the genre of science and romance and was produced by CloverWorks and Studio Trigger. 

Set against the backdrop of an imaginary, frightening society, the show tells the story of artificially made children brainwashed to hold together the remaining bits of a community. Read on to find out the answers to the raging questions in your mind that you might have after watching the show.  

Is There Going To Be A Darling In The Franxx Season 2? 

It’s been two years since Season 1 was wrapped up, and nothing is known if there will be a second part of the anime series. The creators and the producers are tight-lipped, and no information about Season 2 was extracted from them. 

The chances of launching Season 2 of this anime series are unlikely because the audience saw the first part of the show reaching a satisfactory conclusion. However, it won’t be right to completely rule out the possibility of the premiering of Season 2. This is because either one of the producers may consider going ahead with the sequel of the series. 

The popular demand of the fans and the show’s good rating on IMDB are good enough reasons for the developer to return with Season 2. Since no official confirmation has been received regarding the sequel, it is better to wait and look out for updates. 

Did Hiro and 02 Die? 

The show had a tragic ending. Two crucial characters of the show, Hiro and Zero Two, succumbed to death while protecting the citizens from the attack of the aliens. However, both of them were reincarnated as children on Earth, where the human race started to reappear and marked the new beginning of an era dominated by humans. 

How Many Seasons Are There For Darling In The Franxx? 

Darling in the Fanxx has only one season as of now. Fans are highly anticipating Season 2 of the show, but it is unsure if the producers are contemplating it. 

Even if Season 2 is released, the show will probably begin with a prequel to the events showcased in the Season 1 of the series. This is because the first part already ended with Hiro and Zero Two meeting again as reincarnated beings. Possibilities also exist for the creators to move ahead with the events after they met as children and their journey thereafter. 

Why Is Darling In The Franxx So Hated? 

Darling in the Franxx is hated because the audience felt that the creators stopped the character development even before the plot got the chance to progress. Though the story started in an exciting and enchanting way, important details started getting left out gradually. 

Some people believe that the backstory explanation could have been done in an organized and more complete way rather than leaving out loopholes here and there. The very fact that the characters in the show are adolescents, they commit reckless acts, thus leaving the audience disappointed. 


It can be assumed that since you are reading this article, you have likely loved watching Darling in the Franxx Hoodie Season 2. Let’s wait for the official confirmation news to know if there are any chances of the premiering of Season 2. Till then, keep your excitement on hold and wait for Hiro and Zero Two to come yet again with a mesmerizing tale of their lives.