Stephen Bishop (Actor)- Celebrity Facts Revealed!

Stephen Bishop (Actor) is a popular name with which most of us are familiar. He is a prolific American actor and had a formidable career in basketball. He has featured in several TV shows such as Imposters and Being Mary Jane, and movies like Till Death Do Us Apart and With This Ring. The audience saw him in a recent Netflix thriller show titled Fatal Affair. Read along to find out more about this legend. 

Who Is Stephen Bishop Married To? 

Stephen Bishop got married to model Jesiree Dizon on 29th November 2017. They together introduced their first child named Charli Keku’ulani to the world. 

Like Stephen Bishop, Jesiree Dizon is also an American actress and belongs to Hawaii, US. She is well-known for the films True Blood and CSI: NY. 

What is Stephen Bishop Net Worth? 

Stephen Bishop has traversed a long path on the journey towards success. His net worth is $3 million. 

Who Is Steven Bishop? 

Steven Bishop is an eminent American actor who went for full-fledged acting after taking retirement from basketball. His baseball career started during his university days when he used to be a student at the University of California, Riverside. 

Born on 14th September 1970, Steven Bishop hails from Chicago, Illinois. It is not known what steered him towards taking up an acting career. Anyways, he has left an indelible mark on the audience’s hearts with his exceptional acting skills. He kick-started his career in 2003 and progressively marched ahead to get featured in several movies and shows. 

In 2011, Steven bagged his most crucial role as David Justice in the film of the sports genre, Moneyball. He has also featured in the bulk of TV shows such as The Mentalist, The Company We Keep, Hancock, etc. Steven Bishop has also portrayed the role of Andrew Mendoza in specific episodes. His role as Michael Ronals in Till Death Do Us Apart and his short yet impactful presence in Episode 16 of Grey’s Anatomy Season 4.  

Where is Actor Stephen Bishop From? 

Stephen Bishop belongs to Chicago in the state of Illinois, USA. He graduated from the world-renowned University of California, Riverside. After giving up on a five-year-long career in basketball, Steven embarked on the journey of acting in the American entertainment industry. 


All of us have more or less watched films that featured Steven Bishop. Unfortunately, his latest Netflix show, Fatal Affair, was way too popular. You are probably in awe of Steven’s acting skills. I hope you have acquainted yourself with the facts about your favourite star. So, how does it feel to know all of these?  

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