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Pop culture has one of the biggest influences on everybody nowadays. Especially Korean dramas, music, skincare, etc., are the most famous ones. “K-pop and K-drama” has proven that language is no barrier to anything because these Korean Tv shows and music are from around the world. One such K-pop artist with a large fan following is choi jong-ho. 

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Choi Jong-Ho is one of the eight members of the ATEEZ boy band formed by KQ entertainment. He also participated in MIXNINE and was placed in the 27th rank. He later debuted as an actor in the Korean series “imitation.”

What Happened to Jongho Ateez?

Jongho, another member of Ateez, recently fractured his leg during the group’s vacation. He slipped and fell while traveling in public transport due to the carelessness of another passenger. He was diagnosed with a fractured leg, and he is put on medications for him to get better, and he will be wearing a cast around the injury for a speedy recovery. 

He still plans on performing in his upcoming concerts, but he will perform sitting down. The group has requested their fans to be understanding and hope for Jongho’s fast recovery. 

Who is the oldest in Ateez?

Out of the eight members, “Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, Jongho.” Seonghwa, one of their rappers, is the oldest member of the group, born on the 3rd of April, 1998. He is currently 23 years old. 

What Does Jongho Mean?

The meaning behind the name Jongho is – Jong means “bell,” and Ho means “wide/large, or fullness”. So, in a more constructed way, Jongho means to get along with people in a “widely” manner to be an extrovert. 

The full name of the artist is Choi Jong-ho, which Choi means “high”. Jongho is the stage name used by the artist. 

Did Ateez Disband?

There was a recent fake article or a prank by The article claimed that Hongjoog, the leader of the band, said the band would be breaking up after their upcoming comeback, “moon river”. This left the fans extremely shocked and emotional, later when they found out that it was a prank, some fans were happy, and some were furious because it scared them. 

However, on November 18, 2020, one of the members, Mingi, announced a temporary hiatus from the group due to health reasons. As per KQ entertainment, Mingi has been facing some issues with his mental health and is taking some time off. 

The band is a newly formed one; hence the fans can calm down and know that they will not be disbanding anytime soon. 

Many Korean artists like choi jong-ho have become the heartthrob of teenage girls and adults. As a result, Korean culture is rapidly increasing in popularity. However, most of the credits go to boy bands like BTS, EXO who can capture their fans’ hearts. Are you a fan of Korean culture too?

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