King Seven Deadly Sins

King Seven Deadly Sins: Things You Need To Know About Your Favourite Character

King Seven Deadly Sins is one of the most important characters in the anime series Seven Deadly Sins. If you have watched the show, you already know that his original name is Fairy King Harlequin. He has this habit of removing people out of his way if they create any hurdle in his path of attaining the goal. Behind all the dialogues of the King, Jun Fukuyama is the person who played the role of a voice-over artist. Keep reading to know a bunch of fascinating facts about the King from Seven Deadly Sins. It’s going to be really interesting!

What Was King’s Sin in Seven Deadly Sins? 

King, also known as Fairy King Harlequin and forms the Grizzly’s Sin of Sloth. His sin was that he had made the mistake of not fulfilling his responsibility to protect the Fairy king’s forest. This was because he had traveled to the land where humans dwell in order to save his intimate friend named Helbram from the human attack. However, in the process of saving Helbram’s life, King himself got severely wounded, which resulted in his memory loss. 

What Is the King’s True Form? 

In Seven Deadly Sins, the King is the owner of a sacred yet powerful object called ‘True Spirit Spear Chastiefol.’ By using this treasure, the King is empowered with extreme magical powers emanating from the Sacred Tree that acts as the source of the magic. When the King used this powerful object by activating it, his power became twice that of Alboin. It is stupefying, right? 

How Did King Get His Sin? 

The King had really committed a ‘deadly sin.’ His callousness led Aldrich to devastate the entire woods to the grounds. It is obvious that the ordinary people started despising him, thus rendering the name of ‘Sin of Sloth’ to the King. 

The King really dispelled vibes of laziness throughout the series. Sometimes the viewers too started feeling idle because an idle state of mind is really contagious. You too start to yawn and stop doing your activities. Yes, it is that infectious! Well, just kidding. It may not happen to everyone. So chill!

King was attacked by the people of the human realm and lost his memory. Thus, he could not protect his people. I hope you have now got why he is called the ‘Sin of Sloth.’ 

Is King Immortal Seven Deadly Sins? 

King is definitely not immortal in the Seven Deadly Sins. The show has depicted him as dying, and a strong vessel is desperately needed to retain a part of his power to enable him to take the new vessel and thus get a new body. Sadly, towards the end of the show, King was killed by Meliodas as he had greater power than King. 


King Seven Deadly Sins is a chief character of the show ‘Seven Deadly Sins.’ He is extremely caring and can do anything for her close mates. However, his laziness is the sole factor that emerged as a hurdle in his life. Otherwise, he is a lovely soul and quite gullible. Have you watched the Seven Deadly Sins? Did you like the King? Or do you think he was flawed? No wonder the show has succeeded in grasping your attention, right? 

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