Cheating Men Must Die

Cheating Men Must Die

cheating men must die, or the Chinese title “万渣朝凰” (translating to Ten thousand scum towards phoenix) is a Chinese, revenge fantasy web manhua. If you are unfamiliar with the term manhua, it is equivalent to the Japanese manga or the Korean manhwa. The story of the manhua revolves around the main character, Su Lüxia, or as her admirers call her Xia Xia.

Su Lüxia:

Su Lüxia is portrayed as a femme fatale, which in French means “fatal woman” or “woman to die for.” Femme Fatale characters are usually the women we see in “hard-boiled” detective movies who lure men using desire along with their elegant and sexy looks and use them to get more information about something. Although the men who fall for femme fatale know she is dangerous, they still can not resist her and do not care about anything else. 

In this story, she is an agent who uses transmigration, which is a process of the “movement of a soul into another body after death.” She is the best in her job, and she will never accept anything short of perfection.

She dives into different worlds and takes over the body of females who have been mistreated in their worlds and takes revenge on the people who ill-treat these women. Each and every one of these women are in a different world, with a different storyline making the manhua really interesting and exciting. She also has a bamboo rat which is her partner while she is on these missions. 

She is cautious when she chooses her targets and she makes sure that they deserve it. Mostly it is men who are cheaters, homewreckers, and rapists.

Cheating Men Must Die Wiki:

There is a fandom page for cheating men must die on Wikifandom. You can get access to many articles about the manhua. Most of the fans interact on the page, and if you are a fan, you need to check it out. You will also get updates about the manhua as soon as possible so that you do not miss out on any information.

Cheating Men Must Die And The Prime Minister:

Cheating Men Must Die: The Prime Minister is a short prequel to the manhua cheating men must die. In this prequel, we get more details about Su Lüxia’s first assignment and gives us more backstory about how she became this flawless agent. Her experiences and everything she went through was covered in this prequel.

Cheating men must die is a fantastic revenge, manhua. Although manhua’s not as popular, you will indeed like this if you are a fan of manga. The stories in the book are different in each scenario and do not repeat. It makes it so much more exciting and intense to read it. IFf you are a fan already, then do check out many of the fandom pages, which will help you get quick updates on the manhua. 

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