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The Witches Review : Today, we have come up with the review of the late 60s Alabama which the director, Robert Zemeckis had moved very amazingly. He dumped a cauldron’s worth of CGI on Roald Dahl’s tale. He seems to have set his cameras loosely and Octavia Spencer side eyes Anne Hathway which is nothing but a story of mice and women, and that of toil and trouble. Robert’s take on the 1983 book based on the mischief of the move and a cantankerous cat along with an occasional s-s snake is just too alluring. 

We also see people in the story, while there are quite a lot of people who seemed to be buzzing in the background, there were several others who were contributing towards pushing the story in a forward direction. The chiefs among those include Jahzir Bruno, the unnamed orphan, who happens to be sweet and sensitive. We also see his loving grandmother, Octavia Spencer who had formed a sea bulwark against the witches and the ones who did appear fair but were the ones who were mostly foul. 

The Witches: Story takes place in the flashbacks

The Witches is basically narrated by Chris Rock wherein we see that the main story usually takes place in the flashbacks. It seemed to have started since the year 1967 and it commences with an accident in which the Boy’s (Jahzir) parents died. Post this incident, the Boy moved to the Alabama residence of his grandmother and everyone was seen to embrace him so warmly that all his pains went away. Zemeckis had been working in a script that was written in collaboration with Guillermo del Toro and Kenya Barris. 

The setup was handled effortlessly with two cozy inviting leads, a customary restive camerawork and low key visual panache. Talking about the movie, the plot is knitted well, and the film is all about shivers and silliness and you can go on finding such kinds of incidents one after the other till the High Witch and her minions accumulate together. However, till then, she seems to have peeled off her wig and have also bared her teeth that were sharp enough, thereby exposing the evil spirit within her. Witches often look like women, that’s what the Grandma warns the Boy, saying that they are mostly demons. 

The Witches: Weird stew of charms

The Witches can no way be classified as a hate Tracy, but it is rather a weird stew of fantastical turns, swooping cameras, jokes and half baked ideas and thoughts. Of course, there have been several ugly signifiers as well. Besides, the movie is all about a missed opportunity, and thus, the movie stays overloaded with creepiness. It is not a movie in ambiguity by any chance, it does contain a lot of charms. Undoubtedly, the heroes of the story are none other than a Black child and a lady. If you haven’t seen it, do give it a watch!

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