All That You Need To Know About The Deck of Many Things

Deck of Many Things, part of Dungeons & Dragons, is a deadly indoor game that is thought to be equipped with supernatural and mystic powers. It consists of a certain number of cards made out of ivory or vellum and safely enclosed in a hard box or a pouch. About 75% of the decks feature 13 cards, while 22 cards are contained in the rest. So, what is this mysterious game all about? Read on to know the nitty-gritty of the Deck of Many Things. 

Is The Deck Of Many Things Worth It? 

In Deck of Many Things, you need to select any card randomly. But, before doing so, you have to proclaim which card you wish to draw. If you draw any card more than what you had intended, no effect is observed. After one draw, refrain from drawing any card before 1 hour of the previous draw. If you fail to draw the selected number, the rest of the cards vanish and instantly take effect. 

That being said, you have to be clear about the fact if you wish to take the risk. Draw a conclusion based on your nature and character. The value of drawing depends on two chief factors- the level of indulgence in your current position and the difficulty level that you’ll be able to endure if your character gets replaced. 

Deck of Many Things is worth the danger if you were looking for chances to switch to a new character. Never draw a card if you have begun to prosper in RP and enjoy it a lot because such an act of yours may bring these to a permanent halt. 

Can The Deck Of Many Things Kill You? 

There is an excellent chance of getting killed if you draw the wrong card at the Deck of Many Things. The positive implications of the deck allure you to keep drawing cards constantly. As you go on doing so, you make the mistake of drawing a bad card. To mitigate the danger, you go into a drawing spree and end up pulling one of the wrong cards. The evil alignments of the deck indeed bring in death. 

To prevent deaths from occurring, make your Cleric cast Hallow in case you happen to draw a Donjon. Make sure your Cleric has made the arrangements for a Ceremony and present your gift items to other party members to prevent the evil impacts. 

What Does A Deck Of Many Things Do? 

Deck of Many Things is a kind of game that is believed to create wonders and bring a radical transformation to your life. The 22 cards present here may result in immense chaos, tumult, and magical effects. These also help in intuitive reading. 

To get abundant riches in your life, playing this game is a good idea only if you dare to take the risks that may come along with your wrong drawing of the cards. 

How Rare Is The Deck Of Many Things? 

The legendary Deck of Many Things is not widely available anywhere. It is an ancient and rare product, with its magical weapon being the rarest. No doubt, it is a genuine minor artifact. 


You can fulfill your dreams and ambitions and lead a life of riches on winning the Deck of Many Things. But it is not that easy at all. Greater chances of drawing the wrong card have resulted in lots of players getting dissatisfactory results. If you have enough guts, venture to play this game. Weigh your decisions and move ahead with your choice. All the best!

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