Conny the Promised Neverland

An emotional and eerie Anime conny the promised neverland leaves the audience wanting for more. Adapted from a manga, The promised Neverland, written by Kaiu Shirai and illustrated by Posuka Demizu, it is still one of the fan favorites. 

The plot of this Manga revolves around three children from an orphanage. There is always a suspicion built around the fact that children who leave the orphanage and get adopted or find foster parents never send any letters back to the orphanage about their well-being. 

When it is time for the main character Conny to leave the orphanage, she forgets her bunny doll at the orphanage, and two of her friends, Don and Emma, leave the orphanage to give her toy to her. At this moment, Don and Emma discover the truth behind what happened to the children that leave the orphanage. 

Why Did They Kill Conny in The Promised Neverland?

The children who leave the orphanage get killed and fed to the demons that live in their world. These demons, as said, feast on these young children, and Conny was one of the children they were going to feast on. Hence the small innocent girl was killed. 

What Happened to Conny in The Promised Neverland?

In the Promised Neverland gets stabbed by a vampiric plant called Vida by demons. The demons use this plant to preserve human flesh by absorbing all the blood in the dead human. After finding out about the death of Conny, Don describes that her body was sent away in “a large bottle,” and the demons spoke about how they wanted to eat her badly, but she was being preserved for demons who paid more to eat her. 

How Did Sister Krone Die?

Sister Krone also dies because the demons stab the Vida plant in her heart. However, the reason why she dies is different. 

 Isabella walks into Sister Krone’s room and offers her a higher position at the headquarters; although Krone was suspicious of this offer, she took it in case it was a genuine one. She packs up her belongings and leaves for the headquarters. She meets Grandmother in all her darkness at the gate, and Sister Krone passes her offer letter to Grandmother. 

The Grandmother reads the letter’s contents and asks Krone if the children in the orphanage were attempting to escape, and Krone replies, saying that she lacks evidence to say anything for sure. Grandmother was not convinced with her answer and told that Krone was nowhere near the capabilities of Isabella. Krone immediately admits that she is incapable, and the demons surround her from behind and kill her. 

Why Do Demons Eat Humans in the Promised Neverland?

According to Sonju, The demons used to eat the ancient humans, and the Ratri clan started to fight back against the demon. After several wars and fights, both the humans and the demons were separated into two different realms, where they promised each other not to cross borders or hunt each other. The humans left behind some humans as the livestock for the demons, and hence the orphanage was formed and fed the demons with children. 

conny the promised neverland is a show filled with different emotions. The complex plot filled with twists and turns makes this show really interesting If you love thrillers, eerie shows, then this is the one for you. 

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