Luck of the Sea

Do you always end up getting more trash while fishing in Minecraft than fishes or tressure? 

luck of the sea is an enchantment that you need to use on the fishing rods to increase treasure and decrease the chance of junk. This helps Minecraft players to be more efficient when they try to go fishing. 

What Does Luck of the Sea Do?

As already mentioned, the luck of the sea increases the chances of finding more treasures and rare items in the sea rather than junk. 

What Can You Get from Luck of the Sea?

The luck of the sea helps you gain many items from fishing, some of them are:

  1. The saddle is quite rare to get usually, but its chances increase with the luck of the sea enchantment.
  2. Nametags, this will help the players increase their friendship with other players. 
  3. Fishing rod, you will find an enchanted fishing rod that will help you be more efficient in the game. 
  4. Enchanted bow, Mending bow, this is an extremely rare case for a player to find a Mending bow, but it is possible with the luck of the sea enchantment
  5. Enchanted books can also be found. 

Generally, the odds of finding these rare items while fishing without the enchantment is 0.8%, But the use of luck of the sea will increase the chance to 1.9%

Is Luck of the Sea Rare?

It is possible to get the enchantment, but it requires an enchantment table, and it takes a while to build it. However, according to Twinfinite, the enchanting table can be formed using a book, and this book can be made using “four blocks of obsidian and two diamonds” “to increase the number of enchantments available, place bookshelves around the table to create your library.”

Make sure to have 15 bookshelves around the table and have immediate access to the enchantments. “Open up the enchantment table, and place your fishing rod inside along with the lapis lazuli.” and you will be able to see the luck of the sea enchantment option. 

Is Luck of the Sea or Lure Better?

The Minecraft forum suggests the players use both because “The Lure enchantment decreases the chance of getting treasure as much as the Luck of the Sea enchant increases it. However, both reduce Junk catches. Combine that with the decreased time that Lure adds, and you have a better chance of getting treasure. “ Both combined can be very effective for fishing and catching more rare items. 

Several small techniques like the luck of the sea help you play the game better and gain the upper hand over other players. These small tactics and techniques will come in handy when you want to play the game to the best of your ability and gain more items in the game. 

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