24 Motives 24 Names

24 Motives 24 Names: Instagram’s New Game!

All of us survived the lockdown by practicing our hobbies, playing games, and spending time with our family members. Most people have spent time playing indoor games or video games. We have even taken part in various challenges that our mates pass on to us on social media platforms. 24 Motives 24 Names is one such game introduced by Instagram to jazz up the user experience. But what is it? Read along, and you’ll get the answer. 

How Do You Play 24 Motives 24 Names? 

The 24 Motives 24 Names is a list of 24 serialized numbers. Each number represents each category. For instance, some imply ‘The last person you talked with,’ ‘Best male friend,’ ‘Person who makes you laugh’ and so on. 

The game works in this way. Suppose you have come across a list of 24 usernames, you can consider moving ahead and text the person to know who is the person who uploaded that particular story. You can also ask the questions or category names of the list where your name was mentioned. 

However, you are permitted to ask only if you agree to move ahead with posting the same list by putting the names of your friends whom you deem to be appropriate for the category in the list. You will receive a copy of the list from the user who had posted it earlier, and accordingly, you can add the names you wish to put beside pertinent numbers. Also, tag them in the list to get to know that you have mentioned them in your list. 

What Are The Questions On The Instagram Challenge? 

Here is a list of the questions that stand for each number in this Instagram challenge of 24 Motives 24 Names. 

1: The last person you talked to

2: An online friend

3: A crush/boyfriend/girlfriend

4: Your first crush

5: The last person you hugged

6: Best guy friend

7: A male friend

8: Person who always makes you laugh

9: Person you never thought you’d make friends with

10: A female friend

11: Best person you got to know this year

12: Best girlfriend

13: The person you trust the most

14: The last person you said ‘I Love You’ to

15: Somebody you miss

16: Somebody you hate

17: Best teacher

  1. Last person you kissed

19: An important person for you

20: A person who hurts you

21: Best cousin

22: An ex

23: Last person you paid for lunch

24: Would you date the person who sent you this? 

Who Is More Challenge Instagram? 

You have probably seen your friends’ stories experimenting with the ‘Who is more challenge’ filter. But, have you tried for yourself? If not, here are the steps by which you will be able to know about it and use it in your stories. 

  • After opening the Instagram app, go to the plus sign button to add a story. 
  • Go to the filters option. Now, slide the filters till you reach the end. 
  • You will get an option called ‘Browse Effects.’ On clicking this button, go to the search bar and start typing ‘who is more. 
  • The filter will show up in the results. All you have to do is just give a tap and use it to add it to your stories. 

This is rather a silly and funny challenge that usually involves questions of ‘Who is more…..” that you need to answer. You will be given two choices, and you have to select the answer. 


24 Motives 24 Names is a fun challenge that you can play and give a try. It’s pretty simple too. You can play these challenges while you are free and want to have some entertainment. 

Have any of your friends mentioned you on this list? Did you try it? 

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