Stardew Valley Egg Hunt

Stardew Valley Egg Hunt

Stardew Valley is an “open-ended country-life” roleplaying game (RPG). The Character that the player takes is of a person who has recently inherited their Grandfather’s old and destroyed property and revamp the place and live by doing farming, etc. This article, however, is more focused on the stardew valley egg hunt. 

There is an egg festival that happens every year, in Spring in Pelican Town Square. There are two parts to the event. The first one is the social portion, and the second part is an Egg Hunt activity to finish the day.

Can You Win The Egg Hunt Stardew Valley?

Yes, it is possible to win the stardew valley egg hunt. The players are pitted against the rest of the villagers. The player has 50 seconds to race against the rest of the villagers. It takes nine eggs for the player to win the egg hunt, or Abigail will automatically win.  

How Many Eggs Does It Take To Win A Stardew Egg Hunt?

As previously mentioned, the players need nine eggs in total to win the stardew valley egg hunt. The player needs to collect these nine eggs within 50 seconds, or else Abigail, one of the villagers, will automatically win. 

Where Can I Find Egg Stardew Valley Egg Hunt?

To find the eggs, players need to enter Pelican Town Square from 9 am till 2 pm. It is impossible to enter Pelican Town Square before 9 am because of the preparation for the event. Players can use this even to socialise with other villagers and buy decorative items like strawberry seeds, etc. 

What Does The Straw Hat Do Stardew Valley?

The players earn the straw hat by winning the egg hunt. The hat can only be won once by winning the egg hunt. The next time a player wins the egg hunt, they are reward with 1,000g, which can be later used to purchase another straw hat from the abandoned house. The players can not sell this hat. The straw hat is just is a clothing accessory and does not add any value to the player. 

Stardew valley egg hunt is just one of the fun events that happen in the game. It is very engaging and entertaining to play the game. It has many fans from all over the world. Do play and try out all the events in the game if you love to play roleplaying games.

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