Hollow Knight Pale Ore

Hollow knight is a 2017 2-D video game available for Windows PCs, macOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. The partially Kickstarter crowd-funded game gives the player the experience of traversing through the Hallownest, an ancient, plague-infested kingdom inhabited by a plethora of insects. 

To uncover the awaiting mysteries, the player must finish the captivating challenges and anticipate boss fights to unlock new abilities and obtainable items like the hollow knight pale ore. 

Pale Ore:

The pale ore is an obtainable item in Hollow Knight that can be used in a plethora of places throughout the game. The pale ore is a rare metal that can be converted into NPC that does services for Geos. Geo is the currency of the residents of Hallownest. 

How Many Pale Ores Are There In Hollow Knight?

There are 6 pale ores to be obtained in total to be acquired. One can do so by finishing the required tasks in the Ancient Basin, Resting Grounds, Crystal Peak, Deepnest, Forgotten Crossroads, and the Kingdom’s Edge.

Where Can I Find Pale Ore In Hollow Knight?

In the Ancient Basin, west of the tram station and in the Ancient Basin at the main entrance, defeating the two Lesser Mawleks guarding the ore; being given by the seer on collecting 300 Essence with the Dream Nail.

Using the Mantis Claw, Monarch Wings, and Crystal Heart in the Hallownest’s crown at the top of Crystal Peak embedded in the pedestal of a statute of the Radiance; defeating the Nosk in its Deepnest liar that can be accessed by breaking the wall in the room west of the Hot Spring; being given the ore by the Grubfather on rescuing 31 Grubs; completing the Trial of the Conqueror in the Colosseum of Fools will all help you obtain a pale ore. 

What Is Pale Ore Used For In Hollow Knight?

This rare, pale metal emanates an icy chill and is prized by those who craft weapons. It is an upgrade material and hence giving the Nailsmith a Pale Ore and a certain amount of Geos lets him upgrade the Knight’s Nail. The first upgrade can be done without using any Pale Ores, the second upgrade requires one ore and the third uses up two. The final upgrade needs three Pale Ores for the ultimate transformation. 

How To Get The Pale Ore In Deepnest?

To obtain one of the 6 Pale Ore, one has to defeat the Nosk. The Nosk mimics other creatures to lure its prey to its liar in the Deepnest. They can pick faces from your memories and tend to pluck your heartstrings and hence, beware! The initially inaccessible location can be reached by breaking the wall in the room next to the Hot spring that leads to a maze, consequently taking the knight to the Nosk’s liar. 

When you come face to face with the Nosk, remember that its winged form can fly and rain blobs of infection on the knight and also erupt blobs of it! Once triumphant, the knight can go further along to collect the Pale ore. 

Hollow knight is an exciting game and is a fan favorite. If you are a fan of mythical games with fun tasks to complete then this is the one for you. Hope you found this article helpful to collect the hollow knight pale ore.

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