How To Choose The Best Bongs

Are you looking to improve your smoking experience? Then getting a bong is the right choice for you. The bong will act as a filtration device and eliminate the dry heat you get directly from smoking cannabis. However, there are various bongs in the market, making it difficult for first-timers to find the right one for their smoking needs. As a newbie, below are some of the criteria you can use to select a bong:

Glass thickness

When searching for a bong, durability is a fundamental aspect to consider. The glass thickness determines its durability. A thicker bong will last longer than a slimmer one. Approximately the thickness of about 3.5 mm will last you for a long time.

Since thicker glasses can be relatively expensive, you need to weigh your options. Are you careful or planning to only use it in one room, or are you the clumsy one that will have to carry it everywhere? If the answer is the former, even glass thickness between 2 to 3 mm will work for you.


Percolators are supposed to cool the smoke and give additional filtering to the smoke. Even though they are not a necessity in the bong, they significantly improve the smoking experience. Now the difficulty comes in selecting the right one.

The percolators in different shapes, designs, and sizes create a variation in the functioning mechanism. The two common variations are its smoothness from smoking the filtered vapor and the drags resulting from the small holes. It is hard to find a percolator that seamlessly balances smoothness and less drag. Therefore, you need to pick one whose defect you can handle.

Examples of the standard percolator designs and the corresponding functionality;

  • Honeycombs: offers great filtration and very minimal drag.
  • Tree: great filtration and extremely minimal drag
  • Shower heads: bad smoothness, and very minimal drag.
  • Inlines: good filtration and average drag
  • Turbines: bad filtration and slightly below average drag

Size of the bong

Bongs come in three sizes; small, medium, and large. The small bong is 6 inches or less, the medium one ranges from 6 to 12 inches, and the large one is 12 inches and above. When choosing the sizes, you should consider the portability. Small and medium bongs are easily portable; however, you should only use them at home for the large size. 

Bong style

Another distinguishing feature of bongs is their design type. The common bong styles are straight, beaker and recycler. Straight type bong is simple and widely used since it is easier to clean and gives you a hassle-free smoking experience. For the beaker type, your guess is as good as mine. It is beaker-shaped. It gives a cloudy vapor since it takes more time to accumulate in the beaker-shaped unit. 

On the other hand, the recycler is characterized by a two-chamber system that produces a smooth and more filtered vapor. It is called a recycler because the water goes through a cyclic process in the two chambers.

This article has given you the basics of how to choose bongs. By using this information as a guide, you’ll be able to make an informed decision to improve your smoking experience.

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