How to check Aadhar status online by name

Aadhar Card has become the most obvious document for an individual in India. Issued by the Indian government, Aadhar card has removed the barriers which used to arise for people while travelling to different cities or states, as it involves uniformity. Yes, irrespective of the area you come from, Aadhar differentiates you from others, thanks to its biometric use which has created specific identity for one and all. 

It is a 12 digit unique identification number which has been issued by UIDAI, popularly known as Unique Identification Authority of India. The government has specific and individual records of people and it is used for availing series of different kinds of benefits such as for government schemes in the form of pension, scholarships, subsidy along with many others. There are different registered Aadhar Permanent Enrolment Centers where one can apply for Aadhar Card. 

So, once you apply for the card, you get a receiving in the form of Aadhar acknowledgment slip. Now, there is an Aadhar enrolment number, where you can easily track the status, both in the form of online or offline methods. 

In the event, when you don’t remember the enrolment number or have misplaced it, then you can also search for the same through your name.

What is the process of checking Aadhar card status by name?

If you have lost or misplaced the aadhar acknowledgement slip, then don’t worry. There is a process of checking aadhar card status by name. It is important to have your mobile number registered with Aadhar card. Now, there are following step by step process which you need to undertake in order to check for Aadhar card status by name:-

Through the first step for completing your requirement is to get the enrolment ID by using your name, as provided in the Aadhar records.

In the event, when you have either forgotten or lost the acknowledgement slip, then there are following steps which are mentioned below for retrieving the enrolment ID-

  • Login to the official website of UIDAI
  • Click on “My Aadhar” option which you can see at the top left corner of home page
  • Under “My Aadhar”, click on “retrieve lost or forgotten EID/UID” tab which you can find under “Get Aadhar option”
  • You will find that a new window opens where you need to enter certain details
  • Choose the option – Enrolment ID (EID)

Once you do that for retrieving your lost or forgotten Enrolment ID (EID), there are following details which you are supposed to provide like:-

  • Your complete name
  • Mobile number
  • Email address
  • This is the time when you need to click on “send OTP” after filling the captcha verification code
  • You will receive one-time password either on the Aadhar registered mobile number or registered email id
  • Now, after knowing the one time password, simply type in the box. Followed by “Verify OTP”
  • As soon as your OTP is verified, you will be getting the enrollment number or aadhar card number.
  • Thereafter, on receiving enrolment ID (EID), make the next move of checking the aadhar status online

Following is the method of checking aadhar card status through post:-

  • Simply go through the official website of India post and log on to it
  • Enter the relevant details which you have got through aadhar consignment as they are dispatched on screen 

Frequently asked questions

What is SRN?

SRN is mainly the command which we can better know through a service request number as it is generated while a request is made for order aadhar reprint on UIDAI’s website. As per the request, it can be termed as the 28 digit request number which is used for tracking aadhar status online. 

What is the AWB number?

Airway Bill Number or AWB is indeed termed as the consignment tracking number which is a unique code of India Speed Post which is used for delivery of aadhar card. AWS is mainly used for checking the status of Aadhar card.  

How many days it takes for receiving an Aadhar letter after enrolment?

It takes roughly 60 to 90 days for receiving Aadhar letter after enrolment at the postal address you mentioned

Aadhar – a word which has become quite a common house hold name has become the most obvious, automatic and natural way of identification for individuals. Different information is stored with the central data base where a unique identity number is issued to every resident. 

What is the need for Aadhar card update?

After the enrolment process for Aadhar gets done, there are few corrections which you may need as it is natural that the details may have been wrongly filled. Like there may be the need for address change, name or telephone. Due to relocating to a different place, you may need to change the address or mobile number. Similarly, there are other details which you want to change with that of your relatives. Also, it may happen, you professionally need to change your email address or mobile number. 

This is where the power of UIDAI comes to play which provides the facility of correction of aadhar card. Yes, also you can get updates or change the requisite details. UIDAI has also given you awesome facility of correcting things both in online as well as offline mode. You can change or correct the error or update any data in the records of Aadhar by filling the Aadhar card related update form. There is simply a very nominal charge which you have to incur in the form of INR 50 for any update or change request. Usually, the changes to the update are done within 96 hours or 4 days from enrolment date. 

What is the process of adding father’s name or husband’s name to address stated in Aadhar?

It is voluntary to fill father’s or husband’s name. Usually, the relationship details constitute a segment in the address section in Aadhar enrolment and are denoted in the form of c/o or Care Of

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