Are Ya Winning Son- What’s the Hype Going About It? Staff : Are ya winning son is a kind of meme in the form of an animated music video that became viral in 2014 through 2015. The video depicted two stick figures drawn by an amateur person on Microsoft Paint. The audience sees the stick-figured father coming and opening the door of his son’s room and asking his son several times, ‘Are ya winning, son?’, that is, whether he is winning the video game that he is playing, on multiple occasions when the son is being shown to be maintaining the same engrossed position in front of the monitor. The theme of the meme is universal and carries a crucial message. This meme video is undoubtedly a good eye-opener for all the people dwelling in this era of digitalization and technology. 

‘Are Ya Winning Son’ Meaning

‘Are ya winning, son’ echoes the reality of the present generation where the children and teenagers get so addicted to playing games and feel drawn to this digital world that they tend to forget about spending time with their parents. The meme subtly brings out the aloofness and loneliness felt by the parents who are unaware of handling the digital devices and feel all the more cornered. The indifferent attitude of the children and laughing at the inability of the parents not being technically sound hurts them all the more. 

Though it has been 7 years since the meme had gone viral, its proverbial and universal significance is noteworthy. Spending a significant part of the day playing video games and sitting straight in front of the laptops or computers gradually turns into a bad habit, and you suffer from addiction. Gradually, you get caged within the virtual world and forget about the real-time events and problems. 

The meme urges the teens who usually stay glued to their digital screen to come out of their shell of laptops and video games and be more productive. 

Are Ya Winning Son Meme Origin

The comical meme first surfaced on social media platforms on 21st March when Ajax, a FunnyJunk user, posted it on his handle with an apt caption- “This is the future you choose.” 

A great deal of ambiguity exists regarding its actual origin. Probably, the meme originated from 4chan, an anonymous imageboard website. 

The video was submitted to the Oculus Rift thread on the platform of RPG Codex Forum. In 2020, the meme enjoyed a popular resurgence in various social media handles. 

Are Ya Winning Son Ffxiv

Are ya winning son ffxiv is a rendition of the actual comical video where Thordan has replaced the father. The video shows Thordan checking on Aymeric, and the latter is shown to be lying down on the floor with tears rushing down his cheeks while an English song plays in the background. 

Are Ya Winning Son Roberu

In Yukoku Robert’s video, a boy, resembling the Holostars, is winning all the games he is playing. When the stick-figured father comes and opens the door asking, ‘Are ya winning, son,’ the boy gave the best reply ever: “I’m everyone’s winning son, but you are all an irreplaceable part of my FAMILY.” 

This wholesome quote won the hearts of audiences all over the world. 


Memes have a great potential to spread educational messages through them, as proved by the meme of ‘Are ya winning, son?’. Limit your screen time now! Be productive and indulge in your favorite hobbies. Concentrate on your studies. Lead the best lifestyle in the healthiest way possible. 

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