How Do Lobsters Communicate? Know The Incredible Facts About The Delicious Lobsters staff : Are you a fan of super-tasty lobster recipes? If yes, you must be wondering about the basic body processes of the lobsters. So, how do lobsters communicate? No wonder this is the most common question that all of us have pondered upon while munching on the lobster delicacies. 

Just as we communicate our feelings and emotions with each other, the lobsters, too, have a unique system of conversing with others via chemicals. They possess some unique traits of doing their daily activities. Sounds pretty interesting, right? Will you get shocked if I say lobsters pee through their faces? As much as this may sound way too incredible, lobsters have some quirky habits about which you’ll come to know right now. 

How Do Lobsters Talk? 

You may find it weird, but lobsters talk to each other by throwing urine at each other’s faces. Unlike humans, lobsters have their urinary bladders located on both sides of their head. By discharging urine at each other, the chemicals present in it reach other lobsters and are retained in their olfactory passages. In this way, they get to know of their fellow lobsters’ condition as well as the mating state. 

By means of peeing, the lobsters get to understand the social status of other lobsters. This is because only the dominant male lobsters can take part in the mating process. They indulge in duels, and the one that stays intact till last wins the right to indulge in sexual activity. However, the final decision rests on the female lobsters who select the male lobsters depending on the extent to which they liked the smell of the urine of the males. 

How Do Lobsters Pee and Poop?

Lobsters pee through their faces from the antennal glands located on either side of the head. They use the small greenish brown-hued spots to discharge urine. 

The lobsters have an interesting way to discharge their faeces. Their long digestive tract has three main areas. These include:

  • Foregut
  • Midgut
  • Hindgut

After digestion, the undigested or waste products come out in the form of faecal matter flanked by a membrane made of mucus. 

Do Lobsters Suffer When Boiled Alive? 

Crustaceans like lobsters have an excellent coping mechanism when subjected to boiling or tearing. Unlike humans, they don’t go into shock. They suffer for an extended period, so much so that they will stay alive for at least 45 seconds when kept in steaming water. Even when the lobsters are dissected, their nervous system remains active and can function for about 60 minutes. 

Do Lobsters Scream When Boiled? 

You may have heard some sound emitted by the lobsters when they are boiled. However, it does not mean that they are screaming. They lack lungs and vocal cords, so screaming is impossible for them. The sound that is heard by most people while boiling them is the sound of air being released from their stomach and shells via the mouth. 


It was way too interesting to know about how do lobsters communicate, right? There are so many wonderful facts about your favourite food that you were probably not aware of. Now that you know a lot about the quirky creatures, it is possible that you are very much intrigued by their unique traits. Anyways, we all know that the eccentricity of the lobsters won’t be a bar on our consumption of the taste bud-appealing dishes. So, are you having cravings for a buttery lobster dish right now? 

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