I Met a Man On The London Bridge

NewsIland.com staff : During times like quarantine, we are all extremely bored without having our social lives. Recently, there has been a riddle surfacing the internet, and who doesn’t love a good riddle to keep our minds occupied while in extreme boredom?  The riddle is, “i met a man on the london bridge. He tipped his hat and drew his name. In this riddle, I told you his name.”  

This riddle was a fun task for some people, but it also made many netizens furious because they could not solve it. Do you know the answer?

What Is The Answer To The Riddle I Met a Man On London Bridge?

As the riddle already gives away, the answer is the riddle itself. The name of the man you met on the London Bridge is Andrew.  If you look closer into the riddle, “and drew his name”. This sentence reads, “Andrew his name”. 

Sometimes, we always overlook things; what we need would be in plain sight, and we still do not see it. It is like the classic example of how our mothers always are able to find our missing items from the exact place that we searched and claimed that it was missing. It is not that mothers have a superpower in finding things; it is just that they look deeper. 

What Does Drew His Cane Mean?

There are different versions of the same riddle, which sometimes makes it more complex, but the other times it is changed in a way that does not make sense. 

One another version of this riddle is, “While walking down the street, I met a man. He tipped his hat and drew his cane, and in this riddle, I told his name. What is the man’s name?” In this version, we can see an extension of the one discussed previously. 

In this version, we can find out his last name. “and drew his cane” is the answer in the riddle. The man’s name in this version is Andrew Hiscane. That is the meaning of “drew his cane”.

Who On London Bridge Tipped His Hat And Drew His Cane?

In case you are wondering if there was a real person who tipped his hat and drew his cane…  no, nobody in real life did that, at least not anyone notable. So it is just an imaginary riddle. 

Who Drew The London Bridge?

While we are on the topic, let us discuss the man behind the London Bridge. John Mowlem and Co constructed the London Bridge from 1967-1972 and was opened by Queen Elizabeth II on 17th March 1973. 

i met a man on the london bridge is one of the exciting puzzles. In tough times like these, we need to keep ourselves positive and strong. We need to start looking at small happiness like the one you get when you solve a riddle rightly. Life is highly uncertain, so enjoy small moments in life and be happy. 


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