Belle Delphine No Makeup: Come Across The Most Interesting Facts About Her! Staff : Belle Delphine No Makeup had emerged as a famous phrase in the world of social media handles. Belle Delphine is an English celebrity and model who is usually associated with cosplay modeling and pornography. She has an inclination to post images and videos that contain explicit adult content and often evoke erotic implications. “E-girl” Belle became a controversial figure when she started selling ‘GamerGirl Bath Water online.’ To know more about such intriguing facts, keep reading. 

Is Belle Delphine Still Active 2020? 

Belle Delphine’s social media accounts were banned, but no one knows the apt reason for the same. Then, in July 2019, her account was reported for selling her bathwater. Having received several death threats, Belle decided to take a break from the world of social media. 

Besides, there were several minor arrests that Belle had to undergo. Furthermore, she had recently uploaded a post where she had announced to her followers that she is suffering from food poisoning, thus justifying the cause for her absence on social media platforms. As of now, her last Instagram post was on February 8, 2021. 

Why Did Delphine Belle Split? 

Mary-Belle Kircscher or more popularly recognized as Belle Delphine, the model with pink hair and super funky anime looks, took a long break from social media platforms due to life-threatening messages from the stalkers. She said that confining herself to her private world was necessary for safety reasons because stalkers have even approached her house and sent her hazardous threats, including that of death. 

Is Belle Delphine No Makeup? 

Belle Delphine had posted in one of her tweets in which she answered people’s question of her not posting any pictures without makeup on. She had said that she loves experimenting with different colors, and a makeup-less face appears to her way too boring. So, to jazz up her looks, she mixes varied hues and applies them to look super gorgeous. 

How Old Is Belle Delphine? 

Born in Cape Town of South Africa, on October 23, 1999, Belle Delphine is currently 21 years old. 

How Much Money Is Belle Delphine Worth? 

Belle Delphine has a net worth of $500,000 as of January 2021. It is estimated that she receives around $2 million per month. Her physicality has allured the global audience, thus accounting for her unmatched popularity. Apart from being a cosplay model, Belle Delphine is also a famous YouTuber, influencer, and streamer. She has accomplished way too much at such a young age owing to her charming looks. 


Belle Delphine No Makeup had emerged as a famous phrase on Twitter when Belle was compelled to put up a picture of her without makeup. It had garnered lots of likes because she looked ethereal even without makeup. Her prolonged absence from social media platforms had given rise to immense speculation. She is not at all active nowadays. Though no one knows the apt reason, it is believed that she quitted all of these temporarily for her safety and better privacy. 

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