We'll Be Right Back

We’ll Be Right Back

We all love our memes. You would be lying if you said that you don’t’ like memes because the rest of the netizens practically spend all their time on the internet scrolling through these humorous and witty pictures. One such meme that is going to be discussed in today’s article is “we’ll be right back.” If you are unfamiliar with this meme, then good thing you are here!

What Is The Meaning Of Being Right Back?

The meme originated in The Eric Andre Show. The meme is actually a video clipping that comes along with the song “Oregon spirit” by Rolf Kruger. This clipping of we’ll be right back is used in the ending of a scene to achieve a mysterious and funny finish. It often played right before someone gets hurt, to make a joke out of it. The meaning of it is relatively simple; it just means, for example, something happened, and they will be right back, but along with a sense of humor. 

Who Made We’ll Be Right Back?

we’ll be right back is a meme that originated in The Eric Andre Show in 2012. The Eric Andre Show is a comedy television show hosted by Eric Andre and Hannibal Buress, which aired on adult swim. The show is a parody of the low-budget talk shows where Eric Andre acts as the host and is often surprised by guests who perform different stunts. 

However, nowadays, it is used by everyone to make a funny exit, or it simply helps to change an awkward, embarrassing situation into a funny one. 

Will Be Right Back 1 Hour?

Some fans have taken it to the extreme level and made an hour-long extension of the video clipping. There is no particular reason behind these extensions; fans just wanted to make it wittier by making an hour-long video out of it. 

Although it has been years since the meme last came out, fans still use it for their videos and put their own twist to video clipping. Some of these videos are really creative and are honestly one of the reasons behind the success of this meme. we’ll be right back is still a very popular video/ meme. If you have not watched the original video, then this is your sign; watch it right now! 

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