The World Over Heaven: Everything That You Need To Know About It!

The World Over Heaven is nothing but the Stand of Heaven Ascension in DIO, which played the role of the antagonist and got featured in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven. The World Over Heaven is basically a strengthful stand that can inflict tremendous damage by staying and combatting within a close radius. It is definitely an excellent stand to go for. It is just that the user has to be very meticulous while using this Stand. But then, no one can stop you from winning the battles. So its shiny feature is a bonus. Read along to know loads of interesting facts about it. 

What Does The World Over Heaven Do? 

The World Over Heaven successfully wields the power of ‘Reality Overwrite.’ This attribute can be efficiently used to rewrite and reformulate any event and any object’s existence. It can control other souls, captivate them for their own benefits and then revive others they wish to. This rewriting can be made possible only by punching something with its strong fists. 

It is also within the power purview of the World Over Heaven to stop time from passing away. DIO utilizes this period of stopped time to bring movement to any object that he desires to, as well as giving blows and attacking its powerless enemies easily. Owing to the stoppage of time, gravitational force becomes null and void and ceases to exist. Thus, the DIO also gets the privilege to float freely and defeat his enemies who dwell in a state of inactivity. 

How Long Can The World Over Heaven Stop Time For? 

The most powerful Stand of DIO, the World Over Heaven, possesses this exceptional power to rewrite reality. Previously, The World could cease time only for a mere duration of 9 seconds and not more than that. However, with the World Over Heaven, the time can now be stopped by the Stand for an indefinite period, without any limits and restrictions. 

How Is The World Over Heaven Defeated? 

The power of the World Over Heaven was closely recognized by Jotaro. He witnessed the power of the Stand to stop time and rewrite reality in any desired way. But, on the other hand, DIO unraveled all the remarkable capabilities of the World Over Heaven and used these to the maximum limit possible to fulfill its ambition to create a massacre of the Joestars and their allies. 

How Do You Get The World Over Heaven? 

The powerful Stand can be easily procured by following a simple procedure. Make sure you have the diary of the DIO so that you can read it. You also have to win at least 25 matches in the mode of 1v1. The next act involves targeting 50 players in the Steel Ball Run and killing them instantly. 

Collect Saint’s Corpse Parts and have a conversation with Jotaro Kujo. He is the sole person who will help you to get magically transported to Heaven Ascension DIO to get the bone of DIO. Once you get the bone, you need to embark on a journey to reach the mountain near Jonathan Joestar. Ascend to its summit and call The World to power. No doubt, you will now easily get The World. 


Are you finding the procedure to summon The World Over Heaven difficult? Don’t worry! Once you get wholly imbibed into this system, you can do everything at ease. The World Over Heaven is mighty, more so owing to its ability of altering reality and keeping time, the greatest power of the planet, under its grip. 

Enchanted? Go, get your World as soon as possible. 


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