The Best U.S. Cities for Golfing Year-Round

Golfing continues to be one of the world’s most exciting and popular sports in 2022! Fans love how much freedom you have to move at your own pace while using your skills and luck to win an exciting game and location matters!

These are the best cities for golfing year-round, and why you should visit them soon! 

Why Golfing Year Round Is Worth Moving For

Golfing may seem like a sport you can do anywhere without traveling, but winter can ruin those plans! Golfing in the snow can be frustrating because it completely changes wind patterns, terrain, and visibility. Golfing in the summer can be frustrating if you want to avoid terrible amounts of heat.

Moving to an area where you can golf longer, and get more out of a community that’s also into this hobby, gives you a chance to feel like you live in paradise! If you love golf and want to connect with your peers, it’s worth at least traveling around for: and worth moving for.

Birmingham, Alabama

Once you play golf here in the winter, you’ll want to start looking at Birmingham houses for sale! Birmingham stays warm and fantastic, with endless courses and beautiful weather year-round. This ensures you never have to worry about an off-season, and there’s no chance you’ll get bored while you’re here.

This is the most affordable city on this list, allowing you to save money when you move instead of dealing with massive up-charges like you would in areas like Orlando or Las Vegas.

Although winter can get a little chilly from time to time, the lush green environment, fantastic locals, and awesome food and culture make the cold worth it.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando is a dream come true for golfers. With mild weather year-round, unless a hurricane strikes, Orlando offers the chance to explore and have fun while keeping warm and playing the game of a lifetime.  

Orlando is home to multiple championships, and many hobby and professional players move out here to get closer to the game. Although it’s an expensive area, there’s plenty to do besides golf, so it’s easier to sell to any family you’d have to move with you! 

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is king when it comes to golfing year-round! Home to over fifteen parks, with exclusive access to most of these locations, Las Vegas allows you to feel like a VIP while playing at your favorite park.

Another awesome perk of living in Las Vegas for golf is that multiple players come through here every day, so if you’re competitive and want to go up against someone from anywhere in the world, living in Vegas gives you a chance to take on the greats! 

Golfing is for Everyone

Golfing is for anyone who wants to try it! This fun sport allows you to connect with others and have fun showing off your talents while being respectful; nothing’s like it.

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