Access your 0.2pl (o2 Poczta) – Account from an Email Program using IMAP (o2 Poczta) is known for offering IMAP access to the (o2 Poczta) account and this pretty well connects people from connecting their email with the mobile devices and desktop email clients. supports IMAP/ SMTP 

It simply means that users do not need to use 02. Pl’s webmail interface! So you can go and check email and send using other email programs (such as Mailspring, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird). It has cleared that by using desktop email applications will work better and help in reaching out soon. On the other hand, it has also so much to offer and email will always be there for your better convenience even when you’re desktop loose Wi-Fi connection. 

Setup your Account with your Email Program using IMAP 

There are a different programs and functions and that is how it has become wonderful. If you are seeking access of email account from desktop email program users will require the IMAP and SMTP settings and this is as follows: 

Requirements will be these 

  1. pl (o2 Poczta) – 

IMAP port- 993

IMAP security – SSL/ TLS

IMAP username – your full email address 

IMAP password your password 

  1. pl (02 Poczta) –

SMTP server 

SMTP port – 465

SMTP Security – SSL/ TLS

SMTP Username – Your Full email address

SMTP Password – Your 02. Pl password 

Winding up 

These are some of requirements which users are going to need if they are going to use it. After then everything will become so easy and comfortable. Actually those who knows about it, they have got better experience. It is indeed best email application that anyone could have and enjoy. Try this one for better experiences and learn about it and enjoy it. 

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