Top 9 cell phones for seniors – From high tech to simpler ones

NewsIland Desk : It is easier and quicker to stay connected with the loved ones now. Thanks to the advancement in the telecom industry, smart phones have become affordable as they act as the perfect medium to  be connected with friends where one can call or chat with others. They are obviously needed to maintain an effective social media presence or for writing an email or even establishing group chats in a virtual manner. 

It is also the fact that cell phones have become the obvious necessity for older people. Yes, they act as the best mode for time pass and create a natural bonding as they never let us feel the need that we are alone. Let’s now consider the top 9 cell phones for seniors – From high tech to simpler ones

Things to adhere

The most obvious aspect is the features which you are getting while you make the first move of paying your hard earned money for buying the prized handset.

Make sure that the buttons and screen size can be easily operated

Seniors may report of small sized buttons associated with few phones as they naturally look for bigger keys. Hence, prioritize yourself by selecting the phones with greater screen size along with the convenience to adjust text size.  Since, people at such an age may have difficulty in comprehending smaller text.  Similarly, go for phones which sufficiently welcome loud speakers that make it easier to talk and hear.

Make sure, that you try few of the smartphones along with your aged parents, so that they can get a sufficient idea about whether they can easily hold them. If the screen brightens and that the size is sufficient which can make it easy for the fonts to be read. Likewise, based on these aspects you can make your final move. Usually, stores have models in display and they will give you an idea while you check the detailed features. 

Consider the aspect of special features

There is no point to emphasize that seniors readily look for the features such as voice-to-text as it helps them to address their problems without the need to type. Yes, it eliminates that possibility. So look for phones which has voice and sound control which eases the functioning of seniors as they are able to easily operate without much hassles. 

Give sufficient weight to the safety options

Currently, cell phones aren’t just devices meant for talking or calling others. They equally have safety features in the form of tracking capabilities or emergency alerts which can warn them or make others aware about the lurking danger which they may be surrounded with. Similarly, the tracking functions are able to effectively monitor the health aspects of seniors with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s etc. Seniors do need the aspect of monitoring their health on regular basis and as this aspect is addressed, it adds to their ease, since they know they have a devise with them in hand. Hence, they don’t have to look anywhere else. 

Take in consideration the aspect of contracts

It is up to you to decide whether you are supposed to go for phones which don’t entitle you to enter into a contract or the ones which have an option of contract as they also have associated benefits only available for their regular customers. 

However, seniors prefer those handsets which have pay-as-you-go-phones. Since, unlike a phone contract you don’t have to be locked for two years and it is like you are stuck in middle with nowhere to go. However, still you can purchase the phone based on your preference. 

Ask yourself about the preference

If you are the one who is dependent on the latest technology with all its accompanying features, then obviously you expect the phone to be advanced. However, on the other hand, if you want the phone for the simplest of purpose like getting in touch with old friends, you look towards a simpler version. Hence, your choice is directly proportional to your needs.

Let’s now take a look at the available options. As the following list consists of range of smart phones for people with different budget:-

Great Call

Great Call is a popular company which knows the nerves of the older people and it shows in the design which is simple and can be easily operated. It offers awesome functionality and offers various safety features. 

It has all the features which are meant and needed considering the older aspect. For example, it comes with simple menu design and has loud speakers along with large text. 

The aspect of internet and video is absent and caters to those who only look forward towards establishing calls or text messages.  

 It is said that memories are for a life time and it consists of two megapixel camera so you can create memories. Older people need extra layer of safety feature and this aspect has been very well documented with the emergency alert button. Yes, whether you need help in emergency or you simply need to lock your car, you know your issues are going to be solved with perfection. 

Games are quite an obvious mechanism which refreshes our mind and soul. Likewise, it has engaging ones to keep you active. Also, it has apps which make it easy for you to be in touch with doctors, family members, caregivers etc. It has one of the widest possible coverage in America which shows how popular it has actually become. So, you don’t need to enter in any contract as by spending from $4 to $39.99 monthly, you are able to get awesome services.  The cost of the handset is $99 and you get an associated 30 days guarantee for you to take trail or else you can return the same by paying just $10, if you don’t like it. 

Consumer Cellular Grandpad

Technically speaking the device will come in the category of a tablet but it is meant for seniors to remove their boredom and to be connected with others. Thanks to easy operational mechanism, in terms of 8-inch touch screen, it is easy to maneuver.  It can also substitute itself as a mini-photo display, phone and a tablet. Seniors who want to use the technology in utmost ease can operate the same without hassles. It has large icons for series of tasks be it calls, texts etc. The front camera additionally functions like a speaker which eases the task to hear. Best thing is that, seniors will only get calls which are there in the contact list, which removes the possibility for any scammer to call. 

The GrandPad has two five megapixel cameras, one each on the front and back side for you to create those special moments.  The data plan range from $15 to $37.50 monthly while cost of the GrandPad is $250 where you can talk and text. You have 30 days trial period and if it doesn’t interest you, then simply return the same. 

Great Call Jitterbug Smart2

Jitterbug Smart2 is pocket-friendly Smartphone which caters to the needs of seniors. It enlists a menu where scrolling is easy so you can search for the desired aspect easily. It also has 5.5 inch touch screen for seniors to view calls or watch videos. Its camera is superb with 13 megapixels with auto focus. It has 17 days of charge on standby with 12 hours of talk time while the front camera is five megapixels.  It has 4G streaming and you can use for video calls, GPS or to download app. The phone’s settings are done in a way which make people with hearing aid to use it easily. You can take add-on on monthly basis, in terms of medical alerts, health alerts along with round the clock monitoring. 

The cost of phone is $149.99 while the price associated with calls, texts and data plans will cost you between $2.50 and $59.99. It doesn’t have any contracts. It has 30 days trial where you can return by paying $10, if you don’t like it. 

Consumer Cellular Doro 7050

Seniors love it as it is simple and require basic flip. Dialing is easy, thanks to large buttons and so is texting. Display has high contrast light for seniors to read instantly, inspite of the glare. It consists of three megapixel camera with built-in flash  and has basic features where you can easily take photos. It is compatible with hearing aid and there is an emergency button for those who may need some sort of help. There is a video on its website for you to know its proper functioning. The phone is available for $50 and it has diverse plans in relation to calling and texts. 

Apple Iphone Se

Tech Savvy seniors would love the instant choice which Apple has thrown open for. Yes, besides being affordable, it comes with loads of functionality. It has 4.7 inch screen along with7 inch front facing camera while the rear one is of 12 megapixels. So, you can be assured of taking beautiful pictures. It has 256GB of data storage and you can watch videos, initiate video calls, surf internet, download apps etc. It is compatible with hearing aid and you can adjust screen brightness as per the need. It has feature to contact emergency service thanks to the speed dial option. It is water and dust resistant.

It works through fingerprint sensor which strengthens its security. Or you can use four digit code, based on your needs. 

It costs between 399.99 and $549.99. Seniors are eligible for discounts or if you avail multiple lines, then also you can get discounts. You can avail with or without contracts. If you choose small data plans, then it will help you save. So, you can choose the plan as per the requirement of data which you have. 

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy also offers awesome functionality and has megapixel cameras along with video stabilization as well as different modes for you to take pictures based on the available lighting. 

It has a large screen at 5.8 inch screen, voice control etc. It works with the Android operating system. Seniors can operate it with a stylus as it gives a traditional aspect for them to navigate touch screen. It makes use of less icons and they are comparably larger in size. 

It acts as pocket friendly, as you can avail at $99. Different sets have varied price, based on the features. 

Alcatel Go-Flip 3

It is a flip phone that has two megapixel main camera. It is smaller in size with 2.8 inch display inside with respect to 1.44 inch display on outside. It also have Google Assistant along with handy tools which easies the task for seniors in terms of booking the doctor’s appointment and initiate phone calls while being instructed orally.

It is compatible to hearing aid with large tactile keypad. The quality is crystal clear and has an awesome battery life with more than 7 hours of talk time. It has a 4G speed. It is easy to talk thanks to the feature of noise cancellation and it has a dual microphone along with Bluetooth as well as micro-USB capabilities. 

It is affordable at $99 and you can use in various options like T-Mobile, Sprint along with Metro. You can choose data plans as per your need  and so are the accessories which adds to its functionality

Motorola Moto G7

The handset is best for those who experience hearing problems as the speaker can emit whopping 88 decibels. In today’s age, safety is of paramount importance and the aspect of facial recognition along with fingerprint are necessary for unlocking the phone. This aspect is important especially for seniors who dearly needs them in an enhanced manner.  It has 13 megapixel camera which gives the best reason for you to take photos. Seniors have  various reasons to be entertained with it. Thanks to downloading of games in the form of brain teasers and chess which will occupy most of their time. Also,  it has apps which empowers them with the aspects of navigation, know weather updates along with transportation so that they can ensure safe journey. 

It is available for $199 and you can make your choice with regards to either contract plan  or pay-as-you-go options. Although, you may term it to be expensive, considering the price of basic phones, yet the cost is nothing when takes into consideration the aspect of associated features. 

Nokia 3310

The phone speaks about simplicity and comes with 2.4 inch screen meant for calling, texting or reading. 

The interface has simple icons which makes everything to be easily navigated. You get the phone in a set of four colors and has a battery to long last for one month on a standby mode. 

Although the phone isn’t specifically designed for the needs of seniors, so it doesn’t make use of extra features. However, it is still the simplest as well as straight forward cell phone without pomp and show. It can be easily handled thanks to the curved design and consists of 2 megapixel camera work wonders for you to take photos. It costs $50 and there are different plans based on the area you reside or the carrier you choose. 

Final thoughts

Finally, the aforesaid list offers whole options for seniors who besides getting in touch with family and friends, can also get medical alerts, health updates etc.

Most of the above mentioned options are regarded as a lifelong companion for seniors who truly can’t keep their eyes away from them.  Since, as part of functionality, the phones have awesome games which occupy their free time so that they can never be alone. Few phones are simple while others are more advanced. In short based on the taste, everyone will have a phone which they can simply buy according to their preference. 

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