Ways to spam a phone number in order to take sweet revenge – 5 ways

  • Did someone recently prank you?
  • Are you looking for a service where you can take revenge by spamming his phone number with anonymous calls?

Well, you can do the same in just 1 click by flooding your opponents’ phone with texts or calls. The following post empowers you with detailed guide and insights about the different mechanisms which effectively work in spamming the phone number, which you want to. However, you should cautiously realize that the other person should never get too tensed because of you. Let’s now arm yourself with the complete knowledge associated with the following prank services being offered:-



There can’t be a better way than to take a sweet revenge than through BlowUpThePhone.Com; as you are able to target your friends by bombarding their phone with text messages from random numbers.  What’s noteworthy thing is that, your friend will find it hard to block them, since you have the convenience of sending from various numbers, and this make it impossible for the end user to block hundreds of phone number.

Hence, calling or texting becomes quite an obvious way for you to bombard the phone for 24 hours. The user will fail to comprehend the actual person behind the whole thing. You can even customize the messages, based on your preference. However, the ‘default messages’ are quite funny in its first case. Well, it is up to you to choose either way, based on your taste and wishes. 


Pranks, pranks and pranks everywhere and you continue to send hilarious ways of pranks to the target phone. You need to use someone else’s number as the facility of caller ID spoofing is absent here. 

Overall, the website is a hub of the extent of fun you can drive by sending fun calls, to whosever target number you want to send. The feature is extremely noteworthy.


WackyPrankCalls.com gives you the convenience to show you sweet evil side in a funny manner. Yes, while doing the same, your identity will be totally anonymous. Yes, the target phone user won’t be able to know who the real person behind all this. There is presence of various fake calls, which you make the use of, for sending them to list of friends, while you derive your enjoyment in the process.  It is a child’s play to do registration in the site and it will be considered as one of the best reasons for you to derive fun. 


MessageBomber.Com doesn’t only let you to send text based pranks; it equally gives you the opportunity to send funny images as well as ‘text bombs”. Here, you get use of so many funny images, like those of endless pictures of cats which find their way to the target phone which you want to. Quite a noteworthy aspect is that, it gives you the convenience of sending ‘endless cat spam’ as well. If that is not enough, you can also send the target phone “Fake Craigslist Phone prank’ where you are able to send hundreds of message to the target phone. It gives the impression to the target user, that he/she has actually listed the number on craigslist. 

The site empowers you with a unique number so as you use it, the target user will only be seeing the random number and not your own. Hence, make your choice and start with a devilish mindset by jumping into loads of fun and frolic. 


Continuing with the ways to prank your friends, as a way of taking sweet revenge, the site offers an addition to the list. Here, you get the convenience of sending various “facts” about animals in the form of cats, dogs along with so many random objects.  You need to begin by selecting the kind of facts you are willing to send along with selecting the number of target users you want and this is how your work is done. 

Hence, you have just got to know the ways and means of spamming a phone number.

However, make sure, that you only have to do in the limits of a friendly gesture and it shouldn’t disturb the person to such an extent, where he/she becomes disturbed to the fullest.

Considering the rising cases of cyber crimes, it won’t be difficult for the victim to approach the concerned authorities and get to know the actual person behind all this. So be aware, that you can only resort in a light and funny manner, or else the other person will always have the choice to approach relevant authorities and register a case against you. Even though you may be anonymous but for cyber crime authorities it won’t be a herculean task to find the actual person behind all this. 

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