Unruly scene in the Uber car as unmasked passenger snatches driver’s mobile phone

The video which questions the mind of the lady passenger who knowingly coughed on a driver with the intention to steal his phone while breaking the mask in the process.

The whole event has necessitated enquiry from police and the accused has been banned from Uber and Lyft.

According to San Francisco police, the incident occurred on Sunday and the 32 year driver of Uber got inconvenience from the lady for no reason. 

The reason for the conflict to originate was due to the refusal of wearing the mask by one of the passengers which necessitated the driver to end the ride. 

This led to a heated argument and altercation and in the process the second passenger made himself near the passenger’s area and stole the cell phone.

It is believed that the suspect immediately moved out of the car while the third passenger got into open window where he sprayed the pepper spray into vehicle directing at the driver. Thereby, the suspect immediately fled the scene.

The driver was only following the policy of the company who said “No. Mask, No Ride” Hence, it was necessary for the drivers to wear the same and also to ensure that the passengers wear the masks as well. 

As the video came in front of everyone, both Uber and Lyft have banned the driver. The video clearly shows the extent of profanities which were spoken by multiple riders, and it was equally important to mention that at the same time; the passengers were not wearing the mask and on top of that, coughing as well. 

The identity of the driver is now known as two prominent media houses are able to disclose the same. He is Subhakar Khadka, an Uber driver.

While, there has been fundraising campaigning started for the driver where more than $30,000 has been received as part of donations. 

It is true that given in the current scenario of pandemic, driving has its own challenges and there has been a request by the Lyft which expects passengers to be dutiful in terms of wearing a mask

It was in July that Uber has gone for an indefinite extending of the mask while later in the month of September it expected drivers to take a sulfide and show them, that they are actually wearing a mask

It is true that accountability has to come from both the sites. In the event when the driver complaints of a rider that he/she is not wearing a mask then he has to show a proof with mask on, before he is eligible for the next ride. 

As per the version of Uber, the verification selfie works on the basis of object detection technology which helps one to acknowledge whether the mouth and nose of the person is covered.

There has been an official statement from Uber spokesperson that criticized the role of the behavior and has given confirmation that the rider isn’t associated with Uber anymore. 

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