7 Benefits of Integrating Salesforce & The Raiser’s Edge

A nonprofit organization can obtain licenses for Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack and operate by using both systems. Integration offers several benefits to organizations that can justify the added expense of licensing more than one type of constituent relationship management software. From exporting data from Blackbaud databases to doing a NPSP data import, here are seven nonprofit data management benefits made possible by a Salesforce and Raiser’s Edge integration.

Closer to 360 Degree View Of Your Constituents

Nonprofit organizations use Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce in different ways. RE excels at processing donations, while NPSP is better for tracking engagement and managing volunteers. The right nonprofit data software makes it possible to access information when and where you need it most.

Gain Efficiency in Impact Reporting

When it comes to reporting impact, getting a big picture view involves combining data stored in RE and NPSP. Integration makes it possible to access and consolidate information quickly. An organization can obtain a more complete and clear snapshot of progress towards its mission by integrating RE and NPSP.

Get The Best of Both Worlds

RE can handle most of the core operations of an organization, but is a closed system. This means it can be difficult to use third-party web resources for email marketing or other functions alongside RE. NPSP offers the advantage of connectivity through the Salesforce AppExchange in addition to compatibility with external platforms through integration.

Process Donations With RE

Nonprofits that exclusively use Salesforce NPSP have to use an external fundraising client to process donations. An organization that already uses RE or is considering using this platform for fundraising can rely on this software to perform this important function and track constituent information in RE and NPSP databases.

Track Engagement With NPSP

Another draw toward NPSP is the capability of this software to track constituent engagement. RE has limited functionality in this regard, particularly when it comes to online engagement via email or social media. An organization can identify which engagement data could be helpful to import into RE and use integration software to achieve data management goals.

Manage a Volunteer Program

RE is legacy software in the not-for-profit sector, but does not have robust volunteer tools. Salesforce provides the software support necessary for an organization to schedule and keep track of volunteers. This is a relatively common reason for running NPSP alongside RE.

Use Effective External Tools

Using NPSP makes it possible to rely on functional third-party tools to handle important tasks. Rather than trying to find workarounds for limited RE functionality, NPSP provides more connectivity for external applications.

An organization may find that using RE for fundraising and managing constituent records and Salesforce for tracking engagement and interfacing with other third-party tools makes it possible to drive up donations and expand constituencies. It is crucial to use integration software designed with the unique features of both of these systems in mind. A software suite that makes it possible to perform an NPSP data import can make it possible to get more out of RE and NPSP.

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