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Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra: Latest details and updates

The Shield’s second DLC expansion and the Pokemon Sword have arrived. Here is all that you need to know about The Crown Tundra in detail. Make sure that you are reading this content till the end and you will be able to learn all the necessary updates. The Shield’s The Isle of Armor DLC and the Pokemon Sword have arrived back in the month of June. It is now the second expansion that is up. The second part of Sword and Shield expansion pass, The Crown Tundra originally launched in the month of October in 22, and it introduced quite a good number of new contents to the games as a whole. There are several things for the gamers to explore and certainly, it brings a bunch of new and returning Pokemon to catch up right here! 

The Crown Tundra is a sizable chunk of add-on content which is quite similar to the Isle of Armor and it has been featuring its own story line. It even consusree of a cast of characters, along with the Pokedex to finish. Also, there are a wide range of items, gameplay modes and other additions too! In order to reach up to the speed on the DLC, you can easily round up all the things that you need to know about the Sword and Shield’s Crown Tundra Expansion. 

Release date and time

The Crown Tundra basically released on 22nd October which is roughly around 4 months post the first expansion from the Sword and Shield, The Isle of Armor. Besides, the Pokemon Home service has also received a corresponding update on the date of 22nd October which made it compatible with the newest expansion. 

Expansion pass price and Purchase Bonus

Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass includes The Crown Tundra alongside the previous DLC of the game, which is The Isle of Armor. This Expansion Pass costs around $30 USD / 27 pounds. You cannot purchase the expansions individually and each version of the game would require its own corresponding Expansion Pass to access the DLC. In case you are looking forward to choosing the best games or the DLC, Nintendo is going to release new editions of Pokemon Sword and Shield on 6th of November which will bundle in the respective Expansion Pass. 

Players buying a Sword Expansion pass will receive a good deal of bonus clothing items for their gaming characters, which includes an exclusive Pikachu uniform as well as Eevee uniform. People picking one of the newly announced Expansion Pass bundles shall receive an extra 100 Poke balls as bonus. 

Returning Pokemon

The Crown Tundra comes up with a wide range of old Pokemon to the Gen 8 Pokedex wherein monsters are added in the form of free updates and then you can receive the Pokemon through trades. You may also choose to improve them via the Pokemon Home in case you are not picking up the DLC. 200+ old monsters are added between the 2 expansions that includes the legendary Pokemon from the former games. 

New Pokemon

A new DLC flagship legendary Pokemon, Caltrex – a psychic / grass Pokemon which is known to rule the Galar region in the ancient times is introduced this time. Also, there are other introductions including the Zapdis, the Moltres and the Galarian forms of Articuno. The Galarian Articuno is basically a Psychic or flying type which is capable of freezing the opponents with a Psychic type of move named as the Freezing glade. Again, the Galleria Zapdis is another type that offers a Thunderous Kick. Last but not the least, the Galarian Moltres is a dark / flying type that would unleash a new kind of attack named as the Fiery Wrath. 

The new Regis is the Regieleki which is an electric type legendary and it’s signature attack is the Thunder Cage. Also, there is another debut of the Regidrago, which is the Dragon Type and its unique attack module is the Dragon’s Maw. There is another regional variant including the Galarian slowking which is quite similar to the Galarian Slowbro and its unique module is Curious medicine. It is a psychic / poison type that resets an ally Pokemon’s stars just as the Galarian Slowking gets into the battle arena.

Features and Items

Here are the features and items that are constituting as a part of the Crown Tundra Expansion:

  • Dynamax adventures: This is a new co-op mode which basically comprises a team of four frainers that set off to explore the Max Raid dens. Each of the players will have to choose for a team of rental Pokemon which delves deeper into the den, and all you need is to pick the branching pathways to go for and battle and fight back with the Dynamax Pokemon. 
  • Galarian star tournament: You need to participate in this tournament once you have covered a certain point in the Crown Tundra’s story successfully. This is basically a new 2v2 competition that features all the gym leaders along with the other significant NFCs from the main game as well as its expansions. 

Ability patch: This particular feature is meant to alter the Pokemon’s ability into its hidden ability. A lot of users have been saying that this particular feature is a very useful addition to the series.